Month: <span>July 2019</span>

Blue Soul Ten – Ten Percent

Blue Soul Ten – Ten Percent – Album Review Scheduled for release on September 13th, 2019, is a brand-new album from a project we KNOW we can rely on for quality tunes and immaculate instrumentation – Blue Soul Ten is back y’all.  I’ve chatted briefly with the man behind the music, Mr. Claye Greene, about […]Read More

Juice – Singles

Juice – Singles Review Dude sounds serious. Juice is having himself a damn good year…new cuts, new releases, new record that just got put out called Timing officially on July 19th – he’s heatin’ up the summer with a solid selection of cuts for your playlist.  We got ourselves a preview of what you’ll find […]Read More

Cass Clayton Band – Play Nice

Cass Clayton Band – Play Nice – Album Review I’m absolutely impressed with the amount of soul & skill combined throughout this record. You might not realize it from the quaint sounds of “Dawes County” as the album begins, but you’ll find a ton of versatile material throughout the length of Play Nice.  Don’t get […]Read More

The Jorgensens – “Storyville”

The Jorgensens – “Storyville” – Single Review The Jorgensens are jumping the queue a bit here…cause I have to write about this tune right NOW! It’s beyond perfection, straight-up – this is what the Soul sound is all about – welcome to “Storyville.” Although, I’ll fully admit, I’m a complete sucker for a great guitar-face, […]Read More

TheKunig – “Doors To Manual”

TheKunig is having one seriously excellent year so far.  After the awesomeness we discovered in the recent release of the single/video for “Lakeland Plaza,” TheKunig is already back with another incredible offering from the brand-new album Where’s My God with another excellent tune now released to entice you in, called “Doors To Manual.”  Stocked full […]Read More

Gravitrons – “Glitching Hour”

Gravitrons – “Glitching Hour” – Single Review Sometimes there’s not a whole lot more to be said other than ‘job well done’ when it comes to any advice I could give an artist or band out there…that’s the reality.  As much as personal preference can come into play, it’s still a separate entity from what’s […]Read More

Forest Robots – “Inevitable”

Forest Robots – “Inevitable” – Single Review Unique ambitions in this project.  According to the pages online, Forest Robots is a solo project from Electro-artist Fran Dominguez and intended to be a “love letter about the wonders of nature to my daughter” – it’s not every day that you come across a project with ambitions […]Read More

Jrod The Problem – “Never Will”

Full proof that there’s never a bad time to revisit a killer cut. Jrod The Problem’s single/video for “Never Will” originally came out back in ’15 – but here’s facts for ya – this track is still fresh as it gets.  For REAL y’all – LISTEN to the slick & stylistic flow from this confident […]Read More

Jason Penna – Singles

Jason Penna – Singles Review Multi-faceted Rock music all the way from across the ocean, we’ve got Brisbane, Australia’s very own Jason Penna in review to start up our day here in Canada.  Which…I think makes it nighttime over there then?  I can never remember how all that works…suppose I could Google it, but I’m […]Read More

Julia Bomfim Trio – Reencontro

Julia Bomfim Trio – Reencontro – EP Review There’s a note attached with the Julia Bomfim Trio’s new EP Reencontro that sold me on the sincerity of this band before I even had the chance to press play.  Right at the end of all the details about the album, Julia wrote:  “This EP was recorded […]Read More