Month: <span>January 2019</span>

Soul Recruiter – “Hoodtales” Featuring Nichole Turner

Soul Recruiter – “Hoodtales” Featuring Nichole Turner – Single Review Never been a reason to doubt this project, that’s for sure.  Soul Recruiter pumped out some really solid beats throughout 2018; I was impressed with the first impression back in May when we first tuned into this faith-based record Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music, […]Read More

K.O.A.K. – “Dealing Wit Life”

Spittin’ his truth with genuine swagger & style, K.O.A.K. puts serious energy into his bars on his latest single “Dealing Wit Life.”  Clearly a gifted emcee and authentic entertainer capable of creating rhythms & rhymes that shift & transition from the lefts to the rights with a relevant sound full of hooks that’ll grab your […]Read More

SlickMick – YouTube Singles

SlickMick – YouTube Singles – Singles Review Y’all know the name…we’ve featured this guy up on our pages plenty over the past couple years, though this is the first time I’ve actually reviewed the music as opposed to just post it.  Time to get critical mate! I get this same message literally every time SlickMick […]Read More

Tony Marino – Family And Friends

Tony Marino – Family And Friends – Album Review I’ll fully admit, it’s not all that often that original Latin Jazz makes its way to our pages – but that’s what makes every day an audio adventure behind the scenes here at SBS, you just never know what’ll turn up next.  First thing I noticed […]Read More

Evans Junior & Txmmy Rose – “France”

Full disclosure – “This video was created for recreational and musical purposes.  We have not been to France and this video was shot in Dublin Ireland.” I’ll tell you what…if you wanna make the results of the effort & art stand out like this, you’re welcome to film anywhere you like homies – this single/video […]Read More

Paragon Theorem – Bound By Gravity

Paragon Theorem – Bound By Gravity – Album Review Waaaaaaaay back in 2015, Paragon Theorem burst out of Hartford, CT, onto our pages here for the first time when we checked out the five-piece band’s Inkwell album, much to the delight of our stereo system.  Not only did that record make a hard-hitting impact initially, […]Read More

Lucky Dog – “Diamonds On Her Shoes”

Lucky Dog – “Diamonds On Her Shoes” – Music Video Release/Review With a dusty Dylan-esque sound, ‘the Devil has his cards laid out’ on the brand-new single by folk-band Lucky Dog called “Diamonds On Her Shoes.”  This trio of musicians consisting of Dave Shipper, Sue Heilman, and Lynn Konsela has been plenty active in the […]Read More

Reach’art – “The Waves Roll In”

Reach’art – “The Waves Roll In” – Music Video Release/Review Here’s a fantastic way to start your day off on the right note!  Check out an experience that continually gets better & better as it plays on and have a listen to the way the incredible melody develops on “The Waves Roll In” by Reach’art […]Read More

Maryann Connolly – “Roll The Dice”

“Roll The Dice” this morning!  Maryann puts a whole lot of heart, talent, fun, and powerful vocals into the hooks of her latest single – believe me, you’ll hear it!  Inspired by that connection to the risks of love and how we all “Roll The Dice” when it comes to the chances we’ll take to […]Read More