Month: <span>January 2019</span>

Winner Of The SBS Best New Sound 2018!

Just in case you haven’t seen the official results at the polling station… CONGRATULATIONS to THIS IS DECIBEL for pulling off an incredible win in 2018’s quest for Best New Sound. We’ll be immortalizing them on our official Wall Of Fame…soon…as soon as possible…right after I get over the cold that’s trying to kill me. […]Read More

Grant Smith – “Better Up There”

Grant Smith – “Better Up There” – Single Review You know, it’s not like we all have to understand the meaning behind every song we listen to.  While it might be seriously cool to know the full story behind what’s inspired “Better Up There” by Grant Smith, I’m content to just listen to this track […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue Singles

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue – Singles Review Let it be said once more…if y’aint got your health, y’aint got nothin.’ Never seen this before actually; my wife and I came down with the exact same cold at the exact same time more or less – around 3pm on New Year’s Eve.  I’m no stranger […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2018 – This

Scorching hot Rock band This Is Decibel scored huge in our 2018 competition for Best New Sound, not only securing a dominant victory with nearly 50% of the total vote, but doing so in our most successful competition to-date!  For real, by the ¼ mark, we beat 2016’s total…by the halfway point, we’d beaten both […]Read More