Month: <span>January 2019</span>

Alien Skin – “Première Guerre Mondiale”

Alien Skin – “Première Guerre Mondiale” – Single Review Alrighty…let’s see if I still remember how to do all this music stuff post-vacation… I mean, I’m doing pretty damn good so far as selection goes…Alien Skin & I go back a few years now here at our pages and this is a one-man musical project […]Read More

ESP Evolution – “Growing Up”

Empowering vibes and inspiring sentiment flowing through the new track “Growing Up” by ESP Evolution – definitely the kind of uplifting spirit & soulful sound combination that’s bound to appeal to a ton of ears, hearts, and minds out there listening – especially that next generation of music’s future to come.  Through stunning vocals, a […]Read More

The NorthmeN – “Forevermore”

The NorthmeN are ready to seriously make some noise for ya!  Check out their video for the single “Forevermore” from their self-titled record – not only do you get a whole bunch of badass footage expertly shot on screen to look at & a wicked song to listen to, but if you’re paying attention like […]Read More

Con DeArella – “Super Saiyan”

Keepin’ it plenty chill as I get back into the groove here at the pages post-vacation, tryin’ to remember how to put these word-things together… “Super Saiyan,” the latest single/video from Con DeArella has definitely helped big-time in keeping that vacation-vibe still flowing – the hazy atmosphere he’s got on his new cut slides right […]Read More

Vacation Time!

Time to recharge the ol’ batteries!  I’ll be on vacation from the 14th-28th, escaping the winter cold of Canada down in sunny Mexico for a couple weeks – in the meantime, you’ve got this!  Just because I ain’t around doesn’t mean there’s not a TON of new music happenin’ out there – you know what […]Read More

General C4 – “Flavors”

Now here’s a man who clearly appreciates the finer thangs in life yo!  General C4 steams it up with the ladies onscreen in his new video “Flavors,” expertly directed by WatchJimmyBall – the man’s “tryin’ to get you squirtin’ in the sheets” on this one y’all, you been warned!  Tons of beautiful bodies in the […]Read More

Juke – “Aquafina”

Lightin’ up the m-i-c first thang in the mornin’ – Juke gets it started with “Aquafina” at the homepage today.  Puttin’ style & finesse into a short set of bars, this emcee keeps the rhythm rolling through his flow and makes the most of a minute & seventeen seconds on his latest single.  Supported with […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 105

What was SBS like during the late-nights of 2013?  Full of The Pit of course!  Come check out some behind the scenes moments with our favorite hairy heroes, including a couple moments with familiar faces from the past & present like former bass player Scott, former SBS dude Rob, and the emergence of Ryan Rutherford […]Read More

Chris Nole – “Life On Mars”

Chris Nole – “Life On Mars” – Single Review Well now…there’s a first time for everything!  I’m no stranger to Bowie covers by any stretch, but I’ll admit it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a link to the original just in case I guess I hadn’t heard it?  You can never be too careful […]Read More

My Little Morties – Pop Punk Terrorist

My Little Morties – Pop Punk Terrorist – EP Review I try to advocate on behalf of the strange entities throughout the independent music-scene.  100% admit, I don’t always get everything that’s thrown my way, but more often than not, I do the best I can to both remain objective and still satisfy my own […]Read More