Soul Recruiter – “Hoodtales” Featuring Nichole Turner

 Soul Recruiter – “Hoodtales” Featuring Nichole Turner

Soul Recruiter – “Hoodtales” Featuring Nichole Turner – Single Review

Never been a reason to doubt this project, that’s for sure.  Soul Recruiter pumped out some really solid beats throughout 2018; I was impressed with the first impression back in May when we first tuned into this faith-based record Gospel Bass Vol. 1 Ridin Music, and just as stoked to hear the momentum continue to surge on the rumbling tribute to the 2-1-0, on the single “Countdown City” afterwards.  The innovation so sorely needed in all aspects of the faith-based section of music was there – the quality in the sound & ideas was there too – it’s been clear from moment one that Soul Recruiter is in the game to make a difference.  As a result of the effort, Soul Recruiter has truly become a viable entity to move the genre forward…these aren’t your typical faith-based cuts…and I think ears will appreciate that fact.

Almost as if you hear this project reanimating or resurrecting itself, “Hoodtales” springs to life with vibrant & colorful sound – brilliantly punctuated by an inspired performance from guest-star Nichole Turner on the mic delivering the hooks.  The tales told throughout the Rap verses & bars highlight one of my favorite aspects of Soul Recruiter, which is the innate ability this project has to observe objectively and present a realistic perspective to ya.  I think a lot of people mistake religious-based music as always trying to overtly convert the masses – but that’s not always the case by any stretch of the imagination, nor is it here in Soul Recruiter’s music, especially on “Hoodtales.”  You get a snapshot here of what Soul Recruiter sees and a view of the world that certainly suggests some guidance is sorely needed; some of these details get downright gritty – and I think people, especially the faith-based crowd out there, will find this bold & direct approach refreshingly honest and entirely real.  Plus, as I mentioned at the very beginning of all this, you already know you can count on Soul Recruiter to stack up a solid beat in your speakers – “Hoodtales” doesn’t disappoint in that respect or in any other.  The rap is strong and delivered with tangible energy & attitude, which puts the emphasis & meaning into the words where it’s needed most – and to really listen to “Hoodtales” is to understand the intentions behind this whole project & mission that Soul Recruiter is on.  The lyrics might spin tales of some seriously hard times out there and detail some imagery you’ve either seen on the news or experienced yourself – but even while the struggle is related to us here factually, you know the intention is to create awareness & change as a result.  That’s all in the subtext – again, I dig that personally as a dude outside of the religious arena – there’s a ton of interpretation that can be applied to what’s being said here in terms of what Soul Recruiter wants you to take away from these stories in “Hoodtales,” despite the specific imagery you’ll hear in the bars as they’re spit.  Knowing the intentions of this project perhaps a bit better than most out there, it’s no secret to me that Soul Recruiter isn’t afraid to expose the underbelly of our humanity in a sincere effort to help save it.

Smart mix on the vocals, they sound HUGE in the verses with the layer-effect working its magic.  Nichole Turner definitely deserves a massive shout-out and high-five of her own for a seriously inspired performance that has her sounding incredible on this single.  Soul Recruiter has that ability to take you out of your world and really move you slickly right into the vibes this project creates, fully enveloped – you certainly get a solid dose of that sleek sound & impressive production that’s been a signature staple in the music from day one as well.  Essentially, everything you love about Soul Recruiter is firmly intact here on the latest single, yet you get a bit more for your brain to chew on with the narrative running through the additional rap bars and the beautifully wild & exotic performance from Turner on the mic.

All-in-all, “Hoodtales” definitely gets a nod of approval from me.  Soul Recruiter continues to remain an impressive perspective & voice out there in a genre that seriously needs a champion, with a sound that’s relentlessly stocked full of incredible layers & ideas that pop & stand-out in all the right ways.

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