Con DeArella – “Super Saiyan”

 Con DeArella – “Super Saiyan”

Keepin’ it plenty chill as I get back into the groove here at the pages post-vacation, tryin’ to remember how to put these word-things together…

“Super Saiyan,” the latest single/video from Con DeArella has definitely helped big-time in keeping that vacation-vibe still flowing – the hazy atmosphere he’s got on his new cut slides right through the speakers and fully surrounds ya with smooth bass-lines, colorful synth melodies, and distant vocals with lyrics that put the emphasis on living some LIFE and being the best version of Con DeArella that the man can be!  Sink into the couch, enjoy the scenery in the video via drone footage & key background features that’ll help clue you into what this artist is all about even more…notice the Fear & Loathing t-shirt…notice the open package of Oreo cookies…notice the red cups all over the place – you know those have been gettin’ some use!  Always awesome to see/hear an artist out there living their best life ain’t it?  You know it is.  Check out the spaced-out sounds of the new single “Super Saiyan” by Con DeArella below!

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