Month: <span>September 2018</span>

The RA-6600 – “Dig”

The RA-6600 – “Dig” – Single Review Deadly! Awesome to hear The RA-6600 come back with such a fierce new single.  If you’ve followed along with our pages over the past couple years, you’ll know they’re one of my favorite projects out there to check-in on & see what they’ll come up with next…because quite […]Read More

KayJ Finesse – “Summer Vibes”

Hold up winter – not so damn fast!  KayJ Finesse has got the heat to keep you warm through the smooth & inviting flow he’s put into the mic on his debut single “Summer Vibes” – so throw your hands up and keep the season goin’ y’all!  According to legend, KayJ Finesse has been doin’ […]Read More

Ahmen – The Eleven

Ahmen – The Eleven – EP Review “I cause trouble…in abundance.” Sounds like Ahmen is ready to shake things up here in 2018!  It was pretty obvious to me that it wouldn’t take long for this inspired emcee to return after listening to his last record Timeout from 2017…I mean, you just can’t sit around […]Read More

KYZR – “Forever Always” Featuring Erik Frisberg

KYZR – “Forever Always” Featuring Erik Frisberg – Single Review KYZR is back in the house!  Dig what this crew does…I had a chance to check their music out for the first time in a review of their single “Night Vision” earlier in July this year, along with the one-minute animated videos they’ve got supporting […]Read More

Whitney Lusk – “Still The One You Want”

This fine lady is all aces.  From her beautifully expressive & bold vocals combining an unmistakable mix of melody & Country/Pop sounds together on her latest single “Still The One You Want,” to her latest video showing you visually she’s got the heart, look, and talent to succeed – Whitney Lusk is definitely making a […]Read More

Chioke Dmachi – Heartless Reign

Chioke Dmachi – Heartless Reign – EP Review Alrighty…before we begin here I’ll pass on some details you’ll wanna know about the new EP Heartless Reign by artist Chioke Dmachi.  For starters, the record doesn’t get officially released until November 11th this year – BUT…the pre-order campaign begins on October 10th just around the corner […]Read More

Scarlett – Live 09/13/2018

A revitalized lineup returns to the stage – Rock band Scarlett has made some official changes to their roster as they continue to refine their sound & push forward confidently to carve out their own place in the music-scene.  One place they always feel right at home in, is in front of the audience gathered […]Read More

Lord Conrad – “1 Minute”

Lord Conrad – “1 Minute” – Single Review DJ, dancer, model, artist, inspiration – Lord Conrad is all of these things and more, taking a passionately unmatched & sincerely enthusiastic approach to life & music.  If you read through his social media and sites online, you’ll find a dude with real heart – he’s positive, […]Read More


Interview with Rayko SBS:  Really dig your new single “Gender Genocide” Rayko – thanks so much for taking the time to do an interview with us and talk about the details!  You slay the guitar, you slay the mic…these are things we know 100% so far…but for those out there unfamiliar with your music yet, […]Read More

Natasha England – Somehow Album Sampler

Natasha England – Somehow – Album Sampler/Singles Review While I like to believe that this page consistently features many of the future superstars of tomorrow – it’s not all that often that an already verified international chart-topping artist ends up here.  A huge welcome to Natasha England, whose credentials precede her – but in the […]Read More