Month: <span>September 2018</span>

Scott Kirby – “Something To Move”

Scott Kirby – “Something To Move” – Single Review Definitely not an artist I’ve forgotten – Scott Kirby made a solid gold impression with a tenderized tune he put out last year called “Love Is Just” that showed the depth of his passion & songwriting were going to continually lead him to excellent results when […]Read More

Warm Chord Music – “Haunted Dreams”

Warm Chord Music – “Haunted Dreams” – Single Review We might be in for one of them ol’ redesigned sounds here… From the looks of things, Jay Croft, the musical mastermind behind the tunes of Warm Chord Music, is working with a few new people in the mix.  I’m just going by what I’m looking […]Read More

The Owl-Eyes – “I Could Careless”

The Owl-Eyes – “I Could Careless” – Single Review Well…from a wordsmith angle, I’m definitely interested based on the title alone…let’s see if this ends up being grammatically correct after all…could certainly be interpreted that way… …and there the hooks are.  Nope, wrong spelling in that context. …wait.  Are they trolling us here?  Is this […]Read More

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