Month: <span>September 2018</span>

Collins And Streiss – “Change”

Collins And Streiss – “Change” – Single Review Y’all know me…I’m a big fan of you fine people using your platform in every way you can to say something.  Ultimately I prefer it when what that ‘something’ is, isn’t always about chicks’n’cars – I think there’s a much more altruistic approach that can be taken […]Read More

The Goodbad – “Tower”

Brand-new electro jam released just the other day from The Goodbad – a new cut called “Tower” that pulses with dynamic sound and high-quality entertainment.  Come check out the smoother-than-smooth transitions and subtle grooves woven into a chilled-out audio experience full of captivating textures and stunning sound – “Tower” is full of moves & style […]Read More

Vessel Decimal – CONVERSION Level One

Vessel Decimal – CONVERSION Level One – Album Review Well hot damn!  Vessel Decimal has seriously got something to say on this new record.  Many things. As the opening “Orientation” will go on to explain…this is much more of an experience…a course in learning…objective evolution at work in the midst of metal mayhem and progressive […]Read More


2ndVerse is a group that is something I found after looking through an infamous battle rappers Spotify page.  Apparently the battle rapper has joined the ranks of 2ndVerse for the track Legend and it does not disappoint.  I would highly suggest listening to the other tracks especially Communication.  Their Spotify page doesn’t boast a expansive […]Read More

I, Useless – Twister

I, Useless – Twister – Album Review It’s rare for me to be quite as excited about any album coming out as I am about this one.  In early October of last year, I was introduced to a handful of singles from a project known as I, Useless – four songs that were so strong, […]Read More

Steven Dunn

Steven Dunn Interview SBS:  Steven! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us brother! Lots to cover, short span of questions to get to the heart of it all…so let’s do this! I’ve had a listen to your music…I’m sure I could throw out a description or attempt to make a comparison or two, […]Read More

Luanne Hunt – Backroads, Bottles & Blues

Luanne Hunt – Backroads, Bottles & Blues – Album Review I gotta say…there’s something extremely charming about Luanne Hunt.  It’s that intangible, endearing magic that makes you root for an artist or band to succeed…she’s stocked full of that.  Earlier this year, we were introduced to her music through the lead-single “Lightning In A Bottle” […]Read More

Lady Hornets 2018 Championship Song Extended

Seems like a solid deal as far as we’re concerned – win yourself a championship, get yourself a song dedicated to the incredible efforts as a result – NICE!  Check out the thematic cut created to celebrate the Lady Hornets 2018 winning run through the finals, where they proved once & for all that they’re […]Read More

John Keenan – Late Bloomer Sampler

John Keenan – Late Bloomer – Album Sampler/Singles Review Just passed the five-year anniversary of the first time we listened to John Keenan’s music…way back in the day, back in ’13 through the album Imagination To The Nation, which we reviewed here at SBS.  While it’s easy to point out that these milestones are obviously […]Read More As we all know, daily life is a lot to keep up with!  Whether it’s work or school, just being on schedule can take up a lot of your time as you travel back & forth for employment, education, or your hobbies.  Rather than set up an appointment in the future – wouldn’t it […]Read More

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