Month: <span>September 2018</span>

Baba Beck – “Queen”

Solo-artist, singer, composer, video creator, editor & much more – Baba Beck is having another breakthrough year for his art & music.  If you have a look at his YouTube channel, you’ll see he’s got a ton to offer in a variety of subjects – in fact, you’ll see right from the banner up top […]Read More

Jonny The Wolf – Introducing The Wolf

Jonny The Wolf – Introducing The Wolf – EP Review Technically, even though this is a debut EP, Jonny The Wolf has been rapping with the crew at Tang Hall SMART CIC for over 4 years sharpening his skills and spittin’ rhymes throughout the years.  He’s developed his own signature style that’s unmistakable…he’s got a […]Read More

Solitary Ant – Til The Time Comes

Solitary Ant – Til The Time Comes – Album Review Busting rhymes out of North Carolina, Solitary Ant has been doin’ his thang for what I’m assuming is about fifteen years now, according to the math at least when you look up his social media and see he’s been making music since ‘before 2004.’  I […]Read More

Bonafide Bonez – “Come Through And Chill (Freestyle)”

“Even when I lower down the price for’em…still won’t make the fiends happy.”  #truth  That’s real talk right there homies. Bonafide Bonez rolls through this freestyle performance with an undeniably smooth flow, giving you the low-down on the details of what a day in the life is like for the main man on the mic […]Read More

0204 – The Pit (Live @ Lana Lou’s 2017)

As most of you already know, we’d already moved sleepingbagstudios across Canada in early 2016 – but there’s very little that can keep us away from The Pit if we can help it!  So in 2017, on a trip back home, the boys (Tyler Hutton – drums/Trevor Hutton – guitar) booked a last minute show […]Read More

Zhaojiabang – “Shen Pian”

Zhaojiabang – “Shen Pian” – Single Review What can I say?  I enjoy being right just as much as the next person…especially when it comes to music. When we were first introduced to the Shanghai-based art/alt-rock band back in June of this year through the single & video for their song “La Patience” – I […]Read More

Yann Sella – Existence

Yann Sella – Existence – EP Review Definitely more than a few of us out there listening to the brand-new EP from French producer Yann Sella…I could visibly see the hit-counter moving up quickly while the first wave of music-reviewers like myself began to jump into this moving set of three songs.  Your turn will […]Read More

Baron Mantis – “Nobody”

Hot damn is this crunchy!  Baron Mantis gets the energy & Rock flowing fast & furiously from the very first second of their new single “Nobody” and never let the intensity drop as they grip & rip through their brand-new tune live.  Loaded with hooks and killer distortion, this two-piece band throws everything they’ve got […]Read More

Torin Muccino – For The Times

Torin Muccino – For The Times – Album Review This dude is going places. Feels like I’ve been on a pretty good run of luck when it comes to reviewing full albums lately…gonna keep that momentum flowing in the right direction & write about the debut record from Torin Muccino.  I’ve had the opportunity to […]Read More

Rych Twyn – “No Games”

Slick video, smooth club-sound – rapper/artist Rych Twyn is gettin’ serious y’all – he ain’t playin’ “No Games” with such a professional approach to the release of his latest single!  Dude’s surrounded by beautiful ladies in the bedroom throughout his new video, which is filmed spectacularly & directed by Ish – everything about “No Games” […]Read More

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