Month: <span>October 2017</span>

Blackmyth – Remixes By Blackmyth

Blackmyth – Remixes By Blackmyth – Album Review Here we go!  I can get behind electro when it’s like this for surely. Somewhere in the middle of EDM and IDM, Blackmyth exists happily, creating glitch-filled edits and wickedly-imaginative remixes that rework the originals into an all-new experience.  This new record, Remixes By Blackmyth, is a […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – Greenbah

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – Greenbah – Album Review What a journey Wild Bill has been on! For those following along with his music here at our pages, you already know we started reviewing the lead-singles from this record as far back as June of last year.  Between then and now, we reviewed […]Read More

Timothy Dark – “The Future”

Timothy Dark – “The Future” – Music Video Release/Review Welcome to “The Future” homies…cause as I’m sure Timothy Dark would agree, we’re pretty much there already.  There is an extremely fine line that exists between “The Future” presented to us onscreen through Dark’s new video and the reality we’re living in today – and if […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 074

Take a trip down memory lane and get your nostalgia on!  On this week’s episode of SBS Live This Week we’ve got a classic set from Modern Day Poets from 2015!  Ryan @ SBS demanded, that’s right – demanded, that we bring the MDP in for an interview/live performance after we watched them dominate the […]Read More

Ria Adams – Singles

Ria Adams – Singles Review Hey would you look at that, a future electro-pop superstar from Montreal – who would have thought? Of course, I’m just kidding…about Montreal, that city is well-known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s currently happening or about to happen in music.  What I’m definitely not […]Read More

Gills – Shadows Of The Moon

Gills – Shadows Of The Moon – Album Review Those of you that follow this page on the regular already know all about how a first impression can go a long, long way with me.  Sometimes a little behind-the-scenes communication will tell you lots about a band you haven’t heard yet…it’ll often give you clues […]Read More

YYY – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Feat. deM atlaS

YYY – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Feat. deM atlaS – Single Review The undeniable syncronicity of life has led me here today.  It was actually only hours ago that I was checking out the latest record from Weezer called Pacific Daydream…which just so happens to have a song called “Beach Boys” on it…and I suppose […]Read More

Jahganjah – “Hard BreakSynth Style”

Jahganjah – “Hard BreakSynth Style” – Music Video/Single Release Dig this party people!  If you’re up late turning your Friday night into a Saturday morning, keep the volume turned up and check this new single/video from electro-artist Jahganjah out.  Fresh as it gets and just posted up only days ago – “Hard BreakSynth Style” is […]Read More

N0va – Lessons And Blessings

N0va – Lessons And Blessings – Album Review From the man who brought you Whip Sessions, Hour Glass and Whip Sessions II, one our favorite Canadian emcees out there on the scene, N0va is back with his second record this year.  Fresh as it gets & released just a couple days ago, Lessons And Blessings […]Read More

SlickMick – “And The Bitches Multiplying”

According to legend…according to word on the street…according to the official social-media postings online, SlickMick went and got smoked in an epic car crash that left him without the ability to make memories for several months afterwards.  One such memory, is this freestyle rhyme he started busting out while at a red light in traffic […]Read More