Month: <span>October 2017</span>

LAYER – Synapses At Work EP 1

LAYER – Synapses At Work EP 1 – EP Review If nothing else, it can certainly be said that LAYER has its title-game on-point…but of course, in saying that, the accuracy of this new EP’s title should certainly also indicate that there IS a whole lot more to be said about the music you’ll find […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Far From You”

Race Against Fate – “Far From You” – Single Review Over time and experience, when you spend long enough embedded in the music-scene, you begin to become familiar with names you know you can rely on.  The solo project from Ontario-based Vik Kapur of Morning Fame, called Race Against Fate, has always been one of […]Read More

Amita – “Tricks”

Amita – “Tricks” – Single Review Seriously impressed with this new single from singer/songwriter Amita – not only does “Tricks” sound completely captivating & completely pro – you can also hear the incredible potential that exists for her within music.  Amita has beautifully imaginative ideas and a style that’s built perfectly for right in the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 035

Killer lineup of songs, tons of different styles of music and loads of information about some of the awesome things happening in the independent music-scene including discussing new stuff from Hip-Hop artists Timothy Dark and J Speed, Alt-Rock from Ex-Okay and the Indie sound is represented by new music from Dave Wirth.  Rounding out the […]Read More

J Speed – This Side Of Green

J Speed – This Side Of Green – EP Review I don’t often reveal this information early, because nothing’s ever set in stone…but if you were to look at my shortlist for this year’s award for Best New Sound coming up in December this year, you’d already find the name of J Speed listed there […]Read More

Shofar – “Running”

Shofar – “Running” – Single Review Versatile sound from this five-piece out of Minneapolis…the new single “Running” from Shofar has a lot to offer pretty much all facets and areas of anything-Rock, transitioning through wicked hooks with a progressive approach that’s still plenty accessible. That being said, I’ll say this…in the household I grew up […]Read More

Chris Dunnett – “John Carpenter’s Halloween”

We’d be down to hang out with musical-madman Chris Dunnett any ol’ time!  Reworking the theme from the best horror-movie franchise of ALL-TIME (yup – we said it!), Dunnett slays the severity and intensity of this tune, starting subtly along its traditional theme before launching into a deadly second half with beastly guitar-work.  And just […]Read More

Dave Wirth – The Big Heavy

Dave Wirth – The Big Heavy – EP Review It’s a sad yet perfect day to discuss the music of Dave Wirth…so that’s what I’m going with today.  If you’re Canadian…if you’re a fan of The Tragically Hip or if you’ve been lucky enough to hear any of the poetic words from the mind/mouth of […]Read More

Songi – “Open The Heavens”

For the Gospel fans out there, singer Songi has released the brand-new, beautifully sung sing-along anthem “Open The Heavens” with a moving and powerful video to add support to the music & messages.  Surrounded by talent, the easygoing sound of “Open The Heavens” becomes stronger with each passing second as Songi and her backup-singers & […]Read More

Ex-Okay – “Locked”

Ex-Okay – “Locked” – Single Review “Tom…how are you going to get to my heart?” “Through your rib cage.” I mean…if that little excerpt from Ex-Okay’s new track “Locked” doesn’t just say it all I don’t know what would. For a track that’s all of under three-minutes in length, there’s an extraordinary amount of work […]Read More