Month: <span>October 2017</span>

111 – “Alive”

If you have a look at the video below for the new single “Alive” from Tennessee-based band 111, you’ll see quite quickly that this idea is born out of extremely fresh wounds…much of what you’ll see visually details a ton of the chaos being caused in our world today through footage that is as current/relevant […]Read More

Alan Osborne – “Castles In Your Eyes”

Alan Osborne – “Castles In Your Eyes” – Music Video/Single Review It has been…a pretty damn awesome year for Alan Osborne.  If you’ve been following along here at sleepingbagstudios, then you’ve been reading about this guy’s chronicles in music and the twists and turns his career have taken this year.  From the hiatus of his […]Read More

Pastobal – Logon Calling

Pastobal – Logon Calling – Album Review Just about less than forty-eight hours to go before the official release of the brand-new record from Pastobal called Logon Calling, due out on the 17th of October.  If you’ve been checking out the page over the past week or so, then you’ve already had a chance to […]Read More

Dynamos – “Shake, Rattle And Roll”

Dynamos – “Shake, Rattle And Roll” – Single Review You know…for a rock song…”Shake, Rattle And Roll” is a tough cut to examine. There are definitely a lot of elements in the musicianship that tick the right box…the bass from Nick Schaadt instantly stands out, the skilled guitar-work from Jacob Mayeda & Carlos Barrera also […]Read More

Class1o1 – “Pop Chartz”

With a new track produced by LV The Hitmaker, Class1o1 details the struggle and grind that’s made him into the man and emcee he’s become today through the honest lyrics on the trap-influenced style & smooth beat of the new single “Pop Chartz.”  Dig this…you can tell that Class1o1 has put the REAL into this […]Read More

Lazywall – The Hundredth Monkey Album Sampler

Lazywall – The Hundredth Monkey – Album Sampler/Singles Review Heavy rock from Morocco (Pronounced MORE-ROCK-OH!) – Lazywall is back again with their powerfully punched-up sound supercharged & roaring on these songs from their latest record, The Hundredth Monkey.  Last time we checked them out…was actually around this time last year I believe…we had a chance […]Read More

Frank Mizzy – “Die Slow”

Thought-provoking and emotionally invested, personal new single/video from rapper Frank Mizzy called “Die Slow” that gets into the gritty reality of the push/pull nature of love, life and relationships.  Really well-shot & edited video for Frank’s new cut that really gets the most out of the words in a solid match with the onscreen visuals […]Read More

Adam Wendler – “It Feels Right”

Look out for this guy!  Seriously…Adam Wendler seems like he’s a young dude still just getting started – but make no mistake, this man can write a hook!  With a highly versatile sound that you can completely hear has widespread appeal through the catchiness in the writing but also in the tone of his voice…I’d […]Read More

Nowicki. – Initiation

Nowicki. – Initiation – Album Review As comfortable and inviting as many of the songs and sounds that adorn Nowicki.’s Initiation album, it’s quite interesting and entertaining to listen to just how diverse the ideas actually are on this record.  On my first spin through it, I felt like I didn’t know what to expect […]Read More

I, Useless – YouTube Singles

I, Useless – YouTube Videos – Singles Review So much to unpack here. First off…I feel like…for you to experience the music of I, Useless…it’s probably best that you know exactly what I know.  Along with the links to the videos of songs from the upcoming album Twister by I, Useless…was a short write-up that […]Read More