Ella Maddux – “Anybody’s Guess”

 Ella Maddux – “Anybody’s Guess”

Ella Maddux is a shining example of an artist that will fill you with hope for the future.  Fun fact – she’s only ELEVEN years old right now…and she’s already got well more than twenty-thousand views & listens on her brand-new single/video for her song “Anybody’s Guess” – how awesome & inspiring is that?!?  You’ll see/hear all the reasons as to why that is…Ella is clearly a star in the making and has all the right talent even at her young age to make an impact and an impression on listeners all around the globe.  I’ve been singing this song’s hooks around the studio here since I first heard it and I don’t see that changing any time soon; she’s written a great song here that’s wonderfully catchy.  A verifiable hit with a sweet melody and a ton of heart to go along with her beautiful vocals…it’s a song that everyone can sincerely enjoy.

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