Osvaldo Paese – “Hillbillies And Their Guns”

 Osvaldo Paese – “Hillbillies And Their Guns”

It’s not every day that you’ll stumble across a tune like this!  Osvaldo Paese has actually got himself quite the addicting little ditty here with “Hillbillies And Their Guns” and a rad psychedelic video to go with it.  Trust me…give this one a couple spins and see if you don’t come back for a third & a fourth on your own…something about this track sneaks right up on ya…and those guitar-hooks!  So addicting!  Find out for yourself – have a listen & a look at Osvaldo Paese’s latest single/video for “Hillbillies And Their Guns” below!

Dude apparently posts up a new video every week – plenty of reasons right there to stay connected to Osvaldo Paese and find out what he’s up to at his official Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/Osvaldo-Paese-37502926430/

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