Month: <span>October 2016</span>

Bass4Night – “If I Stay” Feat. Marie Louise & Matt

Bass4Night – “If I Stay” Feat. Marie Louise & Matt Byron – Single Review Lots going on here for sure!  A collaboration between indie-artists…so many of them you can find them in every corner of your stereo & speakers as “If I Stay” begins.  As far as I understand it, Bass4Night is a relatively new […]Read More

0150 – Jer @ SBS Album IV

Sure…why not?  I’ll release a few more shots of my silly mug doing what it does for ya.  Taking most of today off to go and visit the land of the french for the first time with a trip out to Montreal…so in the meantime, enjoy some snaps from moments across the adventures of sleepingbagstudios […]Read More

Those Shadow People – Twenty Years

Those Shadow People – Twenty Years – EP/Comic Review The further adventures of Those Shadow People continue in one of our favorite combinations of art in music with the graphic comic-book, issue #4 accompanying the release of their new Twenty Years EP.  Like all art…generally the meanings, tie-ins and subtle-references are more known to its […]Read More

Canvas Wall – “Come And Get It”

The raddest present you’ll unwrap today – check out the highly creative & innovative video for the new single from Canvas Wall, “Come And Get It!”  I don’t want to spoil it for you…but let’s just say I am a huge fan of what I’m seeing here onscreen through the visuals – there’s an absolutely […]Read More

Silver Circle – Monstercat Mix Contest

One of the best acts we know of immersed deeply in the electro-circuit – Silver Circle is back with another legendary cut-up & mix on the new submission for the Monstercat Mix contest.  In keeping with most contests out there – Silver Circle needs YOUR help in order to succeed!  You can vote up until […]Read More

Plike – Red Queen, White Queen

Plike – Red Queen White Queen – Album Review If you recently tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already been introduced to the intensely emotional and atmospheric sounds of Plike through the first track from Red Queen, White Queen, called “The Proving Grounds.”  I played it because I felt like this […]Read More

Maverick Hill – “Have No Shame”

Looks like Maverick Hill is hitting the ground running these days, back already with another new single!  We recently checked out “Mythology (The Electric Gemini Mix)” – now check out the latest – a sweet beat meets a sexy video on the new single “Have No Shame.”  Definitely nailed it here…the onscreen visuals beautifully match […]Read More

Hefe Heetroc – Singles

Hefe Heetroc – Singles Review Alright…so we’ve got ourselves a handful of singles from the album Inoculare by Hefe Heetroc…five in total that give some good insight into what this guy’s all about.  With an intense electro sound provided by beats from Wez Nilez, Heetroc grips the mic confidently with style – and with the […]Read More

Brandon Dye – “Dear Daddy”

Brandon Dye – “Dear Daddy” – Single Review If there’s one thing that you learn by reviewing hundreds of albums and thousands of songs…it’s the ability to hear the personal tales from the fictional narratives out there.  Sometimes there’s a few cues in what you’ll hear that go beyond just assuming it MIGHT be written […]Read More

SBS Podcast 016

Today we discover the true impact that a movie like High Fidelity has made on good ol’ Jer @ SBS…and whether or not his musical A.D.D. was better off beforehand! Featuring incredible tunes from throughout the independent music-scene in all genres and styles…check out songs from N0va, Seashaped, Correigh, Audiobender, Cosmonaut Radio, The Cellophane Heart, […]Read More