Month: <span>October 2016</span>

In Silent Agony – Villainous

In Silent Agony – Villainous – EP Review Ohhh I can never quite remember…is this Black Metal…Dark Industrial…Goth…where does the music of In Silent Agony fall into genre-wise?  To go further with that thought…what point would there be to putting a beast in any kind of box?  However you want to categorize the music of […]Read More

Baum Jr. – “When I Grow Up”/”Heroes”

Baum Jr. – “When I Grow Up”/”Heroes” – Singles Review I definitely dig what I’ve read and researched on the music of Baum Jr., solo-artist from the UK.  From everything I’ve checked out on paper in learning about him…he digs rock…he digs electro…he digs 8-bit video games – so I figure I’ve gotta be in […]Read More

Hicks – “Stomp A Little Louder” Feat. Steve & Ryan

Hicks – “Stomp A Little Louder” Feat. Ryan & Steve Wariner – Single Review This was actually pretty interesting to me. Even though we’re dipping into the well of Country-music once again…located miles outside my county and one-horse town…I think what Hicks is doing with his particular style and sound on his new single “Stomp […]Read More

BrickBats – Music With Other Human Beings

BrickBats – Music With Other Human Beings – Album Review Post-Grunge/Hardcore-Indie band BrickBats sound determined as they instantly bring out the intensity & aggression on the first cut “Junkies” from their new record Music With Other Human Beings.  Built on the combined mayhem & menace provided by Barry Reed, Michael Blount and Katy Hubbard – […]Read More

Purplehed – “Burn Like The Sun”

Purplehed – “Burn Like The Sun” – Single Review The official second single released from the duo of talents that collaborate to create the music of Purplehed – I was really stoked on how this electro cut dynamically shifted around to structure itself in strongly captivating ways that really catch the attention of the ear.  […]Read More

0149 – Lung Flower Album II

We unearthed some pics from our first experience with Lung Flower at SBS when they came out as a two-piece without their bass-player Kyle for a stripped-down, grunged-up, alcohol-fueled acoustic performance in the shed out back for the EverydayMusicTV project.  Playing their cult-classic “Death On The Crowsnest” – they were by far & away the […]Read More

Cosmonaut Radio – Work Harder, Comrade!

Cosmonaut Radio – Work Harder, Comrade! – EP Review OK!  Now THIS is fun for the mind, body and soul!  The energetic sound & style of Cosmonaut Radio absolutely pours from the speakers with the funked-out spectacular “Kill Or Be Killed” starting out their new EP, Work Harder, Comrade!  Killer guitars is what it is; […]Read More

EClemz – “Solo Life”

EClemz – “Solo Life” – Single Review EClemz in the house – officially! The debut single from this young rapper, EClemz is starting out his adventure into music through the wild & vibrant sounds of “Solo Life.”  You notice the rubbery-goodness of this cut right away as soon as the music starts up…it’s all got […]Read More

Jay Jefe – “Slide”/”Beast Within”

Jay Jefe – “Slide”/”Beast Within” – Singles Review Have no fear!  Most of you anyway…apparently the ‘beast’ is only attacking wack-ass rappers and non-believers…the rest of you should be able to survive unscathed. Rapper Jay Jefe is already back after dropping his project Jefe The Mixtape only about six-months back…that’s really not all that long, […]Read More

Underwing – “Reaper”/”Paragon”

Underwing – “Reaper”/”Paragon” – Singles Review All the way from Norway (well…unless you live there of course) – we’ve got sludge/stoner-rock from the four-piece band Underwing in the form of two singles from their EP Kaela Upsweep to talk about in review here today. After checking these guys out…I think people would really dig this.  […]Read More