Month: <span>October 2016</span>

Matteo Ranieri – Authenticity

Matteo Ranieri – Authenticity – EP Review When you read about the story behind the music of Matteo Ranieri, you learn that he’s grown-up as a classic pianist/jazz singer before finding his way to the brightened pop-sound you’ll find on his Authenticity EP.  A solid combination of ideas & execution…Matteo’s got some unique stuff on […]Read More

Lazywall – Singles

Lazywall – Singles Review I gotta say…I’ve been impressed enough by the music of Lazywall just by listening…but when you combine the innovative ways that this band from Morocco also creates videos – you’ve gotta give these guys the extra credit they deserve.  I’ve checked out four tracks from this crew…each of the songs I […]Read More

Lorraine Xie – Singles

Lorraine Xie – Singles Review Interesting review to take part of for sure!  Lorraine Xie is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter/producer/dancer/performer who speaks four languages, was born in China and now lives in Florida in the USA.  Impressed yet?  I know I am!  It’s safe to say that Lorraine has probably lived more life on the […]Read More

Rome Will Burn – “Loving Out Loud”

Rome Will Burn – “Loving Out Loud” – Single Review Vibrant, energetic and fresh-sounding, Rome Will Burn has released another dynamic addition to the ol’ catalog with the brand-new single “Loving Out Loud.”  Attention-grabbing with all the right parts in place – we’ve reviewed Rome Will Burn in the past but we’re still getting to […]Read More

0141 – Kristia Di Gregorio Album II

Kristia Di Gregorio is one fantastically beautiful soul inside & out.  After a length of time away battling against a cancer diagnosis, Kristia & her husband/music-partner Tony came out to the mainland from where they live on Vancouver Island for her first interview back as she emerged back onto the scene.  One of the realest […]Read More

0140 – Lung Flower

Always a guaranteed gong-show full of grunge & Jack Daniels…Lung Flower visited us several times at our location in BC and rocked the ol’ garage.  Recently promoting their album Effigy and playing festivals and shows throughout the summer, 2016 has been a milestone year for these sludge-rockers as their momentum continues to grow.  Check out […]Read More

HelloHeathen – Pathetic Songs

HelloHeathen – Pathetic Songs – EP Review One of my favorite choices for unsung-hero out there in the independent scene – HelloHeathen has been examined here many times in review, been featured on our SBS Podcast, and in general, has always kept us guessing as to what will come out next.  Sincerity, melancholy & melody […]Read More

Hollow Water – Rainbow’s End

Hollow Water – Rainbow’s End – Album Review Cool progression to the story behind Hollow Water’s progressive-sound.  Based around the core-duo that began the project, Alan Cookson (Keyboard) and Huw Roberts (Guitar) – they expanded the idea even further to include collaborators from all over the planet to create a whole new set of otherworldly […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Reality”

Digital Escort – “Reality” – Single Review The minstrels of electro-mayhem are back with another brand-new single!  Man…Digital Escort has got to be one of the hardest working bands out there in ANY scene right now…I love how this band consistently makes music on the constant and is always pushing themselves to do something new […]Read More

Convey – Speed Dial

Convey – Speed Dial – EP Review Couldn’t have been more excited to see this one coming up on my playlist!  Convey has easily had one of the best and most entertaining tracks I’ve heard this year with “Speed Dial,” which we’ve reviewed earlier with glowing, well-earned remarks.  You might have also heard their chosen […]Read More