Hefe Heetroc – Singles

 Hefe Heetroc – Singles

Hefe Heetroc – Singles Review

Alright…so we’ve got ourselves a handful of singles from the album Inoculare by Hefe Heetroc…five in total that give some good insight into what this guy’s all about.  With an intense electro sound provided by beats from Wez Nilez, Heetroc grips the mic confidently with style – and with the diverse landscapes of these tunes…you get the sense that this emcee could find his way into any set of bars.

When submissions get ultra-specific like this, I generally try to stick to what’s been sent my way as opposed to find out what’s up with the entire record.  Personally I really enjoy being sent samples like this…because I always think it’s incredible to find out which tracks that either the management or the artist BELIEVE we’ll respond to.  From experience, I know that generally this is way off the mark; artists choose their favorites and songs they’re most passionate about having written…and management…well…they generally just put out what they think will appeal the most to our ears in order to purchase the package, and still they usually get it wrong by comparison to what we hear on a record.  I bring this up…because the first track I heard, “Space Energy” left me scratching my head in disbelief!

Not necessarily even because it’s a bad song…but man, this mother is FULL.  Sounds from “Space Energy” come at you from every angle in stuttered shots and pulsing electro swelling in & out…add in a hard echo, delay or reverb added onto the vocals and you have a recipe for a mix that has your mind all over the map.  Lyrically of the five tracks I heard, this was the hardest it was to get at the words themselves…the music, beat and flow of the lyrics is what you hear…but catching every word, or even most words in “Space Energy” would prove to be a seriously tough task for anyone.  So as a first experience…I think it’s a risk…and this is the kind of thing I’m saying, the point I’m trying to make; there’s much more accessible sounds from the Hefe Heetroc record…this first cut is extremely niche in the sense that some people are going to really dig the sound and how it’s mixed…but for those looking to hear the words in combination in the music they listen to – they’re going to struggle with this first cut.  To be truthful…I usually try to figure out what can be done to help fix something like this…but it’s not a volume issue or anything simplified like that…Heetroc sounds loud enough and I like the sound of what I can hear and the consistent flow it seems to have…but it’s probably the added layers of effects that end up blending him further into the mix until it’s all on an equal frequency as what we hear in the music and becomes tougher for the mind to separate as we listen to it.  And of course…on the other hand, you can certainly argue that a track like this becomes a complete experience whereby no one part outshines the other and they all bring an equal caliber quality to the cut…like I still dig “Space Energy,” it’s just extra work for my brain to get my head around it.

Oddly enough, things made a lot more sense on “ShrOOmz.”  This REALLY works well for Heetroc…the mix on this one is perfection; I’d say he’s still sitting firmly inside of the music itself, but I like the sound and strength that it leads to in this song.  The words are much more clear and work really well in the uniqueness of the electro-beat…Heetroc raps with confidence and precision, tone & style – and you get all the proof of that here through the clarity of the mix as opposed to the first experience on “Space Energy.”  First impressions count for a lot…but assuming that people stick with Heetroc and continue on the adventure into tracks like “ShrOOmz” – things become a lot more developed and refined.  “ShrOOmz” wouldn’t necessarily be a ‘typical’ single…but I think it’s certainly single-worthy…if that makes any sense.  No one ever really knows what that next-phase of music IS until we get there and we hear it…but something like “ShrOOmz” could really be one of those tracks with a defined, memorable style that begins to shift and change the landscape of music as a whole.  I’m not necessarily saying this is the one and only track that’ll pull that mission off – what I’m saying is that what you’ll hear on “ShrOOmz” has unique hooks to it that are completely fresh…it’s unexplored territory and Heetroc is leading the way with the confident sound you’ll hear on this cut.  This could be a sound to catch-on with the people out there for sure; “ShrOOmz” was a real highlight for its creativity and innovation.

Of course…it’s probably fair to point out that most of us out there tend to connect much easier to subjects, themes and content we have our own personal experience with.  So…while I thought maybe liking “ShrOOmz” might just have been lucky on my part, having extensive experience with the fantastic fungus – I had to recognize in listening to “Wonderful High” that chances are, Heetroc and I would just get along like, really, really damn well.  Here’s a song I can certainly relate to!  Not too many reviews I can think of that I’ve written without my bong close at hand…I can definitely connect with the vibe that Heetroc’s put out in the lyrics of “Wonderful High.”  And I like to think…much like myself in writing review after review and dedicating myself to my own art…that Hefe Heetroc is shining just as brightly, if not more-so, in pursuing his own art here through that same level of dedication, further proving that being a stoner doesn’t necessarily make you a lazy-ass.  EVERYTHING about “Wonderful High” is completely pleasant to listen to…it’s like this track smokes one FOR YOU in advance; the dreamy atmosphere in the music and playful vibe and perfectly matching energy from Heetroc on the mic have made this a seriously memorable cut.  The lyricism is wonderfully complex and delivered with exceptional precision, right on-beat and right on-point.  Dude has nailed the vibe of this track and really connected the words to the music, making for an extremely satisfying listening experience…

…maybe too satisfying…hang on a second…just need to see what my bong is up to…

*puff *puff *bubble *bubble

…alright…where were we?  Moving on to “Hacker” – right.  Okay…so…again, having that personal experience with something that’s written into the theme of a song can make the difference, as I mentioned.  I had a harder time connecting to “Hacker” – and it could be a lot to do with not being nearly as passionate about the subject of this cut as I was with “ShrOOmz” or “Wonderful High” – but I felt like there was a large divide between the quality of the writing in the chorus in comparison to the verse on this track as well.  I’m not expecting Heetroc to stuff in a million words into every moment of his music…but I think in the incredible lyrics you hear in the verse of “Hacker” that the chorus almost came out seeming over-simplified by comparison.  Don’t look at me!  He did it to himself here.  I can’t deny that there’s still strengths in the hook he’s created to carry the chorus…there is…but I felt like…yeah I dunno…I felt like Heetroc has proven he’s capable of more.  Hard to complain really…I know it’s mixed well…I can hear it’ll appeal to people and be memorable enough to last…but yeah…the verses of “Hacker” and their complex composition & stunning delivery had me wanting something of equal caliber in the chorus and I felt like this one was a bit uneven when it came to having that cohesion.  I really, really like what I’m hearing in the verses though…great skill on the mic and the lyrics have that ‘serious’ humor whereby the jokes are 100% solid, but also written so tightly that you know that none of this is just a game to Heetroc.

“Damaged” – how do I say this?  This was a very interesting track to listen to and have sent my way in a sample set of five cuts.  This is definitely the kind of cut that raises an eyebrow and brings the ears to attention…a truly innovative approach and idea here in this last of the set.  Really liked the space & pacing of this cut…the beat & music is minimal and you really get a full-dose of what this emcee is able to bring to the table.  It’s pretty much all left of Heetroc’s shoulders to impress us on this last cut and he brings his A-game to leave us with a lasting impact.  Oozing style and verbal-gymnastics, his elastic, energetic & electrifying performance on “Damaged” leaves no doubt about the extreme capabilities of this highly-skilled emcee.  Brilliant use of rhythm in the lines of the hook and the layered vocals in this cut are spliced in perfectly.  It’s not typical by any stretch of the imagination…but that’s what Heetroc has proven throughout these five cuts…that he IS stretching his imagination to lead the way into new & exciting ideas & combinations in Rap.  Quality stuff…I dig this guy…he’s ambitious and he’s a real leader.

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