Month: <span>October 2016</span>

Maverick Hill – “Mythology (The Electric Gemini Mix)”

Brand-new video & music from Maverick Hill, “Mythology (The Electric Gemini Mix)” has just been released!  Check out a video stocked with club-footage and beautiful people left & right whilst you listen to a truly chilled-out vibe with brilliant transitions and real depth in the atmosphere – you can’t go wrong with this killer cut […]Read More

Donnie Young – Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost

Donnie Young – Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost – Album Review The first album of original tunes from singer/songwriter Donnie Young…he’s written ten tracks for us to absorb, all created in a signature blend of Folk, Country, Americana, Blues & Rock.  Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost mixes gentle rhythms and endearing grooves that have a […]Read More

0148 – HEAD Music Video Shoot Album III

More of our mayhem and fun with dark-electro/rock band HEAD from Vancouver, filming their video for the song “Sex Like Rock Stars” from their album Afraid To Sleep at Sanctuary Studios downtown.  Such a cool place to get footage and set-up in…it’s all decked-out in old horror-movie themes and creepy stuff left & right.  No […]Read More

N0va – Hour Glass

N0va – Hour Glass – Album Review It was about a year…maybe a year & a half back that I first got exposed to & impressed by the music of N0va through his Whip Sessions record – and it’s good to know this guy is still out there doing what he does and keeping the […]Read More

Psych – “Sporadic”

Psych – “Sporadic” – Single Review A real leader leads by example. Psych could be writing in multiple directions like most artists/bands tend to do; most people out there don’t tend to keep as much focus as this artist does when it comes to HOW to deliver the messages they’re putting out in their music.  […]Read More

0147 – Whiskey Kings

Right before we packed up to move to Ottawa from our home-base in BC, British Columbia – we had one last moment in time to pull off a final interview and managed to squeeze in the five-piece rock-band Whiskey Kings.  The very last interview recorded in the studio…we were already half-packed up and in boxes […]Read More


Interview with Qifi SBS:  Hello & welcome to our pages Qifi!  Stoked to have you and looking forward to what you have to say to us all.  We’ve had a chance to check out the latest single “All You” and read about you…you’re 21, born & raised in California…you’re an EDM DJ and you’re got […]Read More

Barrett Staples – That Yonder

Barrett Staples – That Yonder – EP Review This guy has style for miles – how is this the first time I’ve heard about Barrett Staples?  This boy’s got SKILLS…and he makes them known with authority and confident movements in each and every step throughout his new EP, That Yonder.  Riddled with insightful lyricism, social […]Read More

Scaphoid – Dies Mercurii

Scaphoid – Dies Mercurii – EP Review Sometimes a subtle layer of mystique can go a long, long way. I was checking into the music of Scaphoid’s new EP called Dies Mercurii and decided I should really find out who’s responsible for the sounds I was hearing.  I went to check the submission of this […]Read More

Rachael Reiley – “Crown”

Rachael Reiley – “Crown” – Single Review Young singer/songwriter Rachael Reiley has herself a great start with her new single “Crown” – she’s got an appealing sound for the modern-day electro/R&B circuit that’s bound to catch attention.  The sleek movements of the dark, confident & low-end-infused beat that drives the atmosphere of “Crown” sound pretty […]Read More