Month: <span>May 2016</span>

The Hsu-nami – Hsu-nami

The Hsu-nami – Hsu-nami – Album Review The music of The Hsu-nami is one of the wildest rides I’ve experienced this year.  Those that follow along and read us daily are already familiar with how ‘different’ the music can be here…and also how much I enjoy that personally.  The last thing in the world that […]Read More

0116 – The Pit Album II

Haven’t heard hide nor hair from these beasts pretty much since we made the move!  What up with that, we ask?  LOL – The Pit are amazing people and we’ll forgive’em…that is, as long as the music continues to come out!  We had the privilege of having Trevor and Tyler Hutton of the band with […]Read More

Last Time Only – Where I Begin

Last Time Only – Where I Begin – EP Review You can definitely hear the influences of the alternative/indie/emo music of our history on the music of Jared Woodruff in his songwriting and sound throughout his project Last Time Only.  He’s got a brand-new album just released, and also an EP called Where I Begin […]Read More

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time” – Single Review You know something?  Trill Cut brings up a good point right away, just by looking at the title, but he’ll also mention it repeatedly throughout the hooks & chorus of this seriously wicked jam he’s created in his new single “It’s Been A Long […]Read More

Michael Reddington & The Echoes – “Green”

Michael Reddington & The Echoes – “Green” – Single Review I have always liked this guy.  One of the most inspiring stories in the subtext of music is watching a ‘me’ thing turn into a ‘we’ thing – and singer/songwriter Michael Reddington, hot off the release of his last critically acclaimed EP You Find Out […]Read More

0115 – Lethal Halo (Live @ Olympia 2014)

Lethal Halo is a band we caught opening for Lung Flower way back in 2014…I’m so old I can barely remember it now lol.  They put on a solid set and really seemed to work the crowd well that night.  Never met’em personally – but we snapped these pics of this hard-rock’n band as they […]Read More

SBS Podcast 004

I clearly need my old co-host back just to keep me on some sort of schedule! It’s been far too long! And full-disclosure…I’ve had this one recorded for a while now…just too sick to function and get it out there lately! I mean…look at the cover of this episode…I’m down to skin & bones! Featuring […]Read More

Intricate Folk – “Pride (Feat. Yahz Chyld)”

Intricate Folk – “Pride (Feat. Yahz Chyld)” – Single Review Excellent rhythm, groove and intentions on the latest single from Intricate Folk.  Featuring Yahz Chyld on the vocals – this band gets the beat flowing solidly from moment one on their collaborative effort on “Pride.”  You see?  I’ve been telling you it’s been a fantastic […]Read More

Jack Of None – Who’s Listening To Van Gogh’s Ear

Jack Of None – Who’s Listening To Van Gogh’s Ear – Album Review Alright…gotta do my best to remain objective here and not simply love this album for its name alone…but C’MON…that’s one of the best titles you’ve ever seen too, admit it! I will say this though…there are certain indications you can derive from […]Read More

Justin Llamas – Gold

Justin Llamas – Gold – EP Review Definitely think we’ve found a future superstar in soul/pop & R&B here.  Justin Llamas not only has the perfect look for the gambit, he’s also got the skills to back it all up.  Gold might as well be a prediction for one of his recordings…he’s got all the […]Read More