Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time”

 Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time”

Trill Cut – “It’s Been A Long Time” – Single Review

You know something?  Trill Cut brings up a good point right away, just by looking at the title, but he’ll also mention it repeatedly throughout the hooks & chorus of this seriously wicked jam he’s created in his new single “It’s Been A Long Time.”  It was about a half-year back now when we got to sample our first track from the man himself, a song called “Money Dreamin’,” which we reviewed here at the site…so I suppose you could say that at the very least, it’s been awhile…maybe not forever, but long enough without him and we’re glad to see he’s back in action!

Because that being said…I’m no stranger to the fact that real quality takes time – and if the end results are the highly-energized rhythms, beats and flows like he’s putting out on “It’s Been A Long Time” – I’ll always be happy to wait!  This new track from Trill Cut absolutely highlights an emcee at the very top of his game – this new single is absolutely mind-blowing!

“It’s Been A Long Time” is led by its incredible beat and bass-line groove…the music that Trill Cut has chosen to rhyme over is absolutely some of the best of the best I’ve heard within the genre this year.  The track boldly pounds out the beat from your speakers…it moves dynamically and seriously satisfies within seconds of it starting-up.  From there the ride glides along like the man himself is a possessed music-making machine as he tackles verse after verse with complete skill on display.  Like a perfect mixture of Black Thought, Busta Rhymes and his hero Rakim – this track puts together samples and beats with excellent production for him to flow right over.

And he DOES.  It’s got that low-end intensity that a track like “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta has…one that rattles and shakes the room right around you.  Hide your glassware and dishes – don’t leave anything on the ledges or edges of the shelves where you’re at, unless you wanna see them slowly inch their way over and onto the floor – Trill Cut shakes this beat as hard as it comes and it’s powerful enough to move inanimate objects straight from the cupboards and onto the floor.  He’s played this one perfectly…and holds nothing back; the energy is undeniable and the groove is determined to shake the entire floating rock we call Earth right from underneath your feet.

Breaking it up smartly as it flows with innovative instrumental sections that keep the beat slightly muted & suppressed until he’s ready to let it rip once again – there’s absolutely nothing about this cut you shouldn’t love.  Whether you’re a fan of rap, old-school or hip-hop – hell, even fans of every other genre should find something in this track to latch onto.  Well…maybe not you country-music fans…y’all can stay put for now…  But other than that one genre – you can’t listen to a composition like this and not appreciate it for the way it’s performed, assembled and produced.  Trill Cut is the very definition of vibrant on “It’s Been A Long Time” – have a listen for yourself, you’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about!

And as IF it already wasn’t impressive enough, the final switch is a complete nod to the old-school after an entire journey through the modern-day mix.  We’re talking subtle here…he’s not overusing or abusing anything here and keeps it within the final twenty-seconds or so – but this final transition is as satisfying as an unexpected desert heading towards you after you just finished your favorite meal.

Definitely a summer-jam and all-out power-anthem full of intensity and energy you can’t possibly ignore.  “It’s Been A Long Time” for sure…but again, if it takes months, years, decades or however long he ends up making us wait between singles – the proof is audible; this is entirely worth the wait.  It’s complete perfection and this new single is bound to be found at the top of your playlist this year.

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