Month: <span>May 2016</span>

The Gangsta Rabbi – The Gangsta Rabbi’s Tommy

The Gangsta Rabbi – The Gangsta Rabbi’s Tommy – Album Review Perhaps any press is good press…I’m sure we’re all familiar with the notion that this is the case.  This is the third appearance of The Gangsta Rabbi at our pages here…yet so far there’s only been one approach in the music, and one possible […]Read More

0114 – Stone Poets

The good people in Stone Poets came by in 2013 for an in-studio performance…a band we know pretty well.  A three-piece band that make a mix of dark-folk music using sweetened harmonies, keyboards and guitar – it was great to have’em stop by for a quick chat and lay a set of new music down […]Read More

Distant Thunder – “Healing Hand”

Distant Thunder – “Healing Hand” – Single Review In a world that’s often all-too-full of itself and spitting vitriol online…it’s quite comforting to know that musicians and bands like Distant Thunder exist to remind us that it’s not all bad.  Here in their new-single “Healing Hand” you get a great stomping of positivity into your […]Read More

DJ Serafin – Soda Water

DJ Serafin – Soda Water – EP Review House-music…you can try to lie to me all you want to, but I know for a fact the last time I checked in on you that you weren’t THIS good!  DJ Serafin has got me up late listening…quite happily I might add – everything I’ve heard on […]Read More

Lunar Woods – “The Story”

Lunar Woods – “The Story” – Single Review This is a hot new-single from Russian-based band Lunar Woods…I mean…this is a band with a solid-grip on their style & sound – you can hear it clearly in their new cut called “The Story.”  I’ve had a listen to pretty much everything I can from Lunar […]Read More

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire” (Feat.

The more I learn about the music of Lady Crush, the more I seem to dig what she’s doing.  I mean…it’s impossible NOT to love this video for her hit-single “She No Lie, She On Fire” – it’s hotter than hot and sexy as hell!  Lady Crush is an exceptionally confident beauty and a dedicated […]Read More

JReasn – The Love Hate Album

JReasn – The Love Hate Album – Album Review Been a decent week at the page for Hip-Hop/Rap music…we’ve had a bit more of that showing up as of late, getting us all ready for a summer full of big-beats.  No lie though…the music outside of those genres…has been…like…a lot-less than normal over the past […]Read More

Many Butts – The My Asshole Hurts Because It Does

Many Butts – The My Asshole Hurts Because It Does Variations – EP Review I’ll certainly admit…it’s been one of the stranger days we’ve had here around the studio…so it would seem like releasing a review on Many Butts would make more sense today than maybe it even would normally.  That’s right…you read that correctly…not […]Read More

Philosofree Optimysts – Singles

Philosofree Optimysts – Singles Review Always an interesting thing to examine some songs off a record and be steered upon request past the others…which is what we’ve got here today in review when discussing five of the songs from Philosofree Optimysts from their album Optim.M.mystix; I’ve pointed out in a few reviews throughout these past […]Read More

HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me

HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me – Album Review Been looking forward to hearing how this would turn out for a while now…HidNTrackz has been brewing this monster epic of an album for about a year or longer by this point.  The Misconceptions Of Me was reviewed here on our pages way-back-when, in EP form […]Read More