Month: <span>May 2016</span>

Pawzilla – “Supervillain”

I’ve been incredibly stoked to share this video with you all since seeing it myself for the very first time.  Pawzilla has an absolutely SICK set of skills…whether it’s the hook of the chorus or the blazing-speed he rhymes at through the verse, or this unbelievably well-shot/edited video for his track “Supervillain” – this is […]Read More

The Crash Recovery – “Always Beside You”

The Crash Recovery – “Always Beside You” – Single Review Now…suppose I was to tell you that a little fluffy white dog named Potsticker was essentially responsible for the sounds you’re about to hear…would you think I’m crazy?  What if I took it even one step further and told you that the same dog is […]Read More

Laura Mendes – No Control

Laura Mendes – No Control – EP Review A very interesting combination of talents coming from producer & composer Sergio Aquino, featuring the fantastic talents of Laura Mendes bringing his vision to life…with a pretty-even balance between languages, sounds and styles that make for an experience that’s certainly different from a lot of what you […]Read More

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire (Feat.

Lady Crush – “She No Lie, She On Fire (Feat. BangaBoy and Castle)” – Single Review There’s definitely a lot of ways that you can examine this new single.  You can look at it from the Lady Crush perspective of ‘this ain’t for the little kiddies – this is grown peoples talk’ – and that’s […]Read More

Glustig – Say Sarah

Glustig – Say Sarah – EP Review Oh people are funny creatures aren’t they?  All my regular readers and past artists/bands reviewed know I’m as slow as a snail when it comes to writing my reviews.  99% of the reason being that we actually listen to the music as opposed to the 99% of the […]Read More

Tune Tank – “Innocent Man”

Tune Tank – “Innocent Man” – Single Review Uh-oh…here we go again…it’s getting dangerously to the point here at the page over these past couple days where you’re all about to start questioning my opinion again and assuming I’ve got a positive reaction to everything I hear.  If you’ve been a longtime reader…you already know […]Read More

Resilient – Imagining Things

Resilient – Imagining Things – Album Review A burst of lo-fi sonic-fury begins Imagining Things…the new album you’re addicted to but just don’t know it yet, being released this July from four-piece band from Philly, Resilient.  I’ve been a long-standing supporter of female-led Rock-music…and chances are, I always will be.  While I like to think […]Read More

Matt Byron – “One More Time”

Matt Byron – “One More Time” – Single Review Sometime nearly a year ago, we got ourselves exposed to the music of Matt Byron for the very first time when reviewing his EP Next Time I’ll Know…and if there’s something that can always bring a smile to my bearded-face, it’s an artist coming back to […]Read More

Jef Joslin – “Sunshine”

Jef Joslin – “Sunshine” – Single Review If you’ve ever experienced listening to a song or album with a particularly heavy-message inside of it like we just finished talking about with Mercury & The Architects in our last review – then you’ll have that same appreciation I’ve got right now for this new-single from Jef […]Read More

Mercury & The Architects – “They Can’t Shoot The Music

Mercury & The Architects – “They Can’t Shoot The Music Down” – Single Review The twists in the writing of this brand-new tune from Mercury & The Architects is certainly worth a shout-out or two! To be honest…aside from completely supporting the song’s intentions and ambitions from the very moment I saw the write-up mentioning […]Read More