Month: <span>November 2015</span>

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 019

New interview up at the ol’ SBS Podcast! Ryan @ SBS talks music/life with Jay from hip-hop recording artists Warriors Of The Infinite and we lay some music on ya from Cirex, Sekten7, our main guests WOTI and a track from Denzel Ca$hington – come get it! To become the next guest on the SBS […]Read More

Franz Black – “No Worries”

Franz Black – “No Worries” – Single Review What a perplexing & pleasant-sounding, gentle-natured & good-intentioned song from Franz Black. I’ve gotta admit…it really wasn’t what I was expecting after the opening notes of the piano started-up “No Worries,” his brand-new single. It was a real case of audio-shock…like I wasn’t quite sure what I […]Read More

Ryan Helman – That’s The Girl

Ryan Helman – That’s The Girl – Album Review Proving that good songs are always worth promoting, always worth drawing attention to and that they can potentially live many lives post-release, we’re taking you back to the year 2010 today for a previous release from Ryan Helman of the UK…an album from roughly 5.5 years […]Read More

illsaye – “Know Better”

illsaye – “Know Better” – Single Review Have you ever heard that hip-hop beat that is SO GOOD…and you wonder why the emcee on the mic can’t bring anything new to the table? Seriously…you all know the rhyme-biters I’m talking about…the ones that basically take the same metering, sound & flow to each set of […]Read More

Sonificade/Exposed Edge – “Me Can Out”/”Gull Rocks”

Sonificade/Exposed Edge – “Me Can Out”/”Gull Rocks” – Split-Single Review Would you believe it? I barely typed out a word all throughout yesterday…an actual day-off for the first time in quite a while really…but of course, that doesn’t mean the music stops flowing! I stumbled across a bunch of rad new tunes while letting my […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 018

Though it might be the longest podcast we’ve put out to date – there’s every reason for it! One of our nominees for Top-10 best new sounds of 2015 in our reader’s poll this year – Tom Rhodes is our guest in a brand-new interview with Ryan @ SBS that you do not want to […]Read More

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…”

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…” – Single Review Here we go! I tell you…if this guy continues to keep on writing and recording, we’re eventually just going to have to change our slogan from ‘we bring your music to life’ to ‘yet another home for Kenny Fame!’ on our main page! Many of you will be […]Read More

SlimDali – The Clique

SlimDali – The Clique – EP Review Alright…I honestly can’t ever recall the last time I can remember music amping me up so much personally that I tried to go and figure it out on my own…I’ve never put any time into learning the music of others, cover-songs or what not…not since long ago when […]Read More

The Quest For The Best New Sound Of 2015 Begins

VERY excited about this year’s top-ten list.  I know, I know…I was last year as well – but understand it’s just because the process itself is such a kickass way to bring this list to you each year…or rather, it has been for the last time we did this, and of course this one as […]Read More

G.W.M. – Dusty Walk

G.W.M. – Dusty Walk – EP Review The D&B crowd should dig this pretty much straight away… G.W.M. has put together a rad composition to open up the EP with its title-track, “Dusty Walk” supplying the instant beats, grooving low-end synth and sparkling vocal-samples all threading & weaving through each other in the mix for […]Read More