G.W.M. – Dusty Walk

 G.W.M. – Dusty Walk

G.W.M. – Dusty Walk – EP Review

The D&B crowd should dig this pretty much straight away…

G.W.M. has put together a rad composition to open up the EP with its title-track, “Dusty Walk” supplying the instant beats, grooving low-end synth and sparkling vocal-samples all threading & weaving through each other in the mix for a captivating & hypnotic rhythm that grabs you right away. Full of sharp edits and distinct, thumping-beats from the percussion sounds…reminiscent of acts like The Propellerheads or perhaps The Chemical Brothers even somewhat…”Dusty Walk” has that same energetic-feeling to its electro-atmosphere and the clever & jazzy ways that G.W.M. approaches the editing, sounds & writing also has similarities – all good ones.

Now…just to be clear…I was informed this sits in the House/Garage genres…so…sure, let’s say that. House makes a lot of sense to me, especially in hearing the other track on Dusty Walk, called “Honey On The Speakers,” which definitely incorporates much more of a House-music feel to its up-tempo, rubbery good-time vibe. Aside from owning a garage…I couldn’t even tell you what ‘Garage’ music would be; so I’m just inclined to pass the info as I’ve received it over to you and assume that what the powers-that-be have told me resembles the truth. I mean…it could be the words of G.W.M. specifically that I’m looking at here to tell me this information…I really have no idea…people submit, but they rarely, if ever, seem to use their names or identify themselves when pushing it across our desks these days it seems.

And though I might be so old now that I still remember the days where introductions went beyond pushing links & info, I’m not so old that I can’t recognize how music like G.W.M. makes should move you. It certainly moves me! There are only two tracks on the Dusty Walk EP, but I’d draft both in the first round – G.W.M. is definitely cracking the bat hard with this first swing over here at SBS. Truly music that displays an entire wealth of diverse, versatile and exotic rhythms – all brought to life through the precision & professional assembly, mixing & production of G.W.M.

Released officially on November 30th this year on the No Bounds Records label – Dusty Walk is sure to hit the spot for people looking to add some extra rhythm & groove to their step. “Dusty Walk” brings the energy up immediately and with its severe, low-end melody just kicking-ass all the way through (with the exceptions of the breakdowns of course!) puts G.W.M. on an instant-path to success. I always thought the Propellerheads were actually a seriously cool band as well…but if you look at the timeline of musical-evolution, you’ll see that act was truly about a decade or more before their time. In listening to the similarities from the approach of G.W.M. on “Dusty Walk” – I can’t help but wonder if the time for this sound might truly be NOW…no reason I can think of that this wouldn’t catch on with any listener.

And as if “Dusty Walk” wasn’t an accessible-enough rhythm for the ears, the more playful and ever-vibrant sound of “Honey On The Speakers” will be what sells you even more. You can hear the skill in the studio on a song like this…there is absolutely nothing easy about the assembly of a track like “Honey On The Speakers” and its collage-of-sounds are mixed together so flawlessly that you can’t help but feel like this all comes extremely naturally to G.W.M. – it sounds effortless and sounds completely FUN.

For a lot of people out there…that’s exactly what music is for; to have fun & good-times – and if you’re one of those people, well…familiarize yourself with another good-time provider & music-dealer…G.W.M. Definitely a record that has its entire mindset, ideas & atmospheres based in low-end grooves that are guaranteed to make the body move – not a single reason I could think of as to why I wouldn’t want to hear more from G.W.M. in the future after these two stunning singles on the Dusty Walk EP. G.W.M. displays a ton of control, precision and completely-engaging rhythms throughout both songs for an overall result of ripping & grooving electro that seriously entertains.

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