Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…”

 Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…”

Kenny Fame – “Goodbye…” – Single Review

Here we go!

I tell you…if this guy continues to keep on writing and recording, we’re eventually just going to have to change our slogan from ‘we bring your music to life’ to ‘yet another home for Kenny Fame!’ on our main page! Many of you will be familiar with this name by now…we’ve reviewed him in the past and found the potential existed within mixed-results, some great for sure, others not as sparkling – but ALL revealed the efforts of a man truly in love with the craft, with a heart ten-times bigger than my own.

And when Kenny gets it right…I’m not gonna lie to you – it makes me smile. I’ve always appreciated his effort regardless of the results – his intentions come from pure-love and as far as the feedback we’ve provided him in the past, Kenny has proven time and time again that he’s an artist truly looking for honesty regarding his music in written-critiques. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect – and as a result, in my opinion…we actually get the privilege of witnessing something potentially that much more special…

…because…to me, in a sense, Kenny Fame represents that love in music that exists in quite a great number of us. At first the want was there – and the results were somewhat mixed. Then came refinement…and Kenny evolved and delivered. Then came the next-step and new-challenges…and the want took over, once again to mixed-results. And if my math is correct…this single “Goodbye…” would then be the next ‘refined’ step would it not? We’ll find out soon enough here…but my point is that what we get with Kenny Fame is an honest, sincere approach of an artist truly finding their voice and their way in music – and if you somehow DON’T think that evolution, growth and expansion of skills/refinement of talent is an interesting progression to take in audibly…well…how the heck did you find our page in the first place? I am…and WE are…100% all about the music-scene itself…our intentions as pure as those of Fame himself – we just want everything to be as good as it can possibly be out there. To have the honour of watching and listening as some of these artists/bands that we meet along the way rise-up to that next creative-level, breakthrough that next barrier, put out that next album or single that improves upon the last…I would never be able to put into words just how very special that gift is to me. And so, as I mentioned earlier…when Kenny Fame gets it right – it makes me smile…and I’m smiling big today Kenny – you’ve got yourself another winner here for sure with “Goodbye…”

Amongst the best you can find from Fame – he sings sweetly in “Goodbye…” with gentle, fragile tones…he’s on-beat and right with the music where he should be. The tones are delicate and sounds like the words could quite easily flow out of Fame’s mouth and break instantly – but at the same time, he’s putting them out there confidently. And the best thing about that? You can HEAR it! Kenny! My man! I love hearing this guy go after it with the right energy and right ideas all in their perfect place – and “Goodbye…” really got that from him on this recording. Solid lyrics, solid delivery on the vocals and emotion to bring the meaning out in the words he’s written – and the music itself is more than commendable. A simple, beautiful piano-led melody open up the beginning of “Goodbye…” and the strings come in as Kenny sings sincerely overtop…really well written song to begin with – but this is certainly a highlight performance in his career that he should indeed take a moment or two to be very proud of.  The breakdown is clever…and the bring-back really shines a sweet-spotlight on this dynamics in the song’s writing & melody.

The way I’ve always seen it…sincerity can easily be just as beautiful as perfection…more often than not, it usually is. Fame has done a fantastic job of combining both of these attributes in his latest single – he’s sincere AND he’s at his absolute best here on “Goodbye…”

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