Month: <span>November 2015</span>

Jean Synodinos – Love & Blood

Jean Synodinos – Love & Blood – Album Review Very earthy-feel to the music Jean makes…I gotta say, atmosphere wise, this new record sure starts out anything but typically! And yes – we love that here – you know we do. As “End Of The World” starts-up, you can’t help but hear and feel the […]Read More

Barrett Myers – The Letting Go

Barrett Myers – The Letting Go – Album Review Seems like November this year is proving to be just as strong in the song-writing department as some of the amazing artists and bands we found over October this year. In other words – the independent music-scene seems to be scoring win-after-win towards the end of […]Read More

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz – “My Old Stompin’ Ground”

Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz – “My Old Stompin’ Ground” – Single Review There is something extraordinarily-strange about being a no-list-celebrity like myself, sitting just outside of the studio built comfortably into our house and in the safety of the control-room at sleepingbagstudios, yet STILL wondering if at this very moment in listening to Uncle […]Read More

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Finish What You Star…

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – Finish What You Star… – Album Review A great mix of sounds, genres and styles all blend together in all-kinds of rad ways on Finish What You Star… – the new record from Toronto, Canada’s Monkey Fightin’ Snakes. With a sound or song somewhere in the midst of the nine new-ones […]Read More

The Damned And Dirty – Hoodoo Down

The Damned And Dirty – Hoodoo Down – Album Review Blues-rock/Roots-rock have always been a tougher genre for me to judge. With its sound usually so steeped in staunch-tradition…it’s often harder to hear the uniqueness in any given band due to the similarities between riffs & sound alone. What CAN separate you from the rest, […]Read More

Dash The Baptist – The Book Of Dash

Dash The Baptist – The Book Of Dash – EP Review I think…somehow…in about twenty-four hours past our site’s recent troubles, that we pulled it off…we caught up…we’re moving forward again and reasonably back on schedule! And besides…as they say, each day is a new day right? So either way, behind or ahead, each one […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Amen”

Omar Bowing – “Amen” – Single Review You gotta hand it to Omar Bowing…the brooding-tone in the signature-style of this dude’s song-writing and band’s overall-sound always seems like its hulking & heaving away, growing larger in the attic of your mind…ready to pound-out your doom & announce your end of days at any given moment. […]Read More

Abhishek Chaudhary – Echoes At Taj

Abhishek Chaudhary – Echoes At Taj – Album Review Depending on how widespread & diverse your own musical-taste might be…you might miss out on an album like Echoes At Taj by Abishak Chaudhary…and that wouldn’t be cool. His mix of ambient, new-age and orchestral sounds seem to know no limitations, leading him into atmospheric rock […]Read More

Meshach Abednego – “Killed The Devil With My Hands”

Meshach Abednego – “Killed The Devil With My Hands” – Single Review Man…I am starting to wonder if anyone out there makes as much music as our friend Meshach Abednego seems to. He’s appeared on our pages several times throughout our reviews in the past, and here once again putting his poetry to music with […]Read More

Brandon Jeffries – Future Classic

Brandon Jeffries – Future Classic – EP Review Sometimes you can see something coming from a mile away…but it’s also nice to get confirmation on what you’re seeing upon further examination…if only just to prove to yourself that you’re not crazy in the assumptions of which your eyes have led you to believe. After seeing […]Read More

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