Sprightly Moans – Demos III

 Sprightly Moans – Demos III

Sprightly Moans – Demos III – EP Review

I feel like I almost need to give my head a shake here…

Sprightly Moans – it’s almost like I couldn’t HEAR you last time! You know…like how in White Man Can’t Jump that dude could “listen to Jimi,” but he couldn’t HEAR Jimi…that’s the kind of feeling I’m getting here as I’m listening to the new demo EP from this power-rock duo. These three songs are packed with just about everything I want to listen to in three songs and has me stoked on the future of Sprightly Moans like never before.

I know that the line-up hasn’t changed, but man do I feel like the songs have both tightened up in the writing and become a whole shitload more accessible to people out there. I am overdue for a re-listen to the last EP anyway…but at this point…I’m not sure just how many times exactly now I’ve spun this latest offering…but I almost feel like I’m crazy! Were the songs on the last EP THIS GOOD and I somehow missed it? Cause I remember them being good and well done for the genre, but these new tracks from Demos III are just flat out awesome.

Like…I’m on the third song “Love Is Nothing Without Eternity” and I’ve got chills…that kinda awesome. But we’ll get to all that…

This latest 3 track EP from Sprightly Moans opens with “Blushes All Around,” and, literal first impressions again…I wasn’t sure in those opening seconds that Sprightly had changed from their last go around all that much…and I found that my attitude changed nearly 20 seconds in.

While at first I was trying to keep up with the complexity in “Blushes All Around,” I found myself surrounded by a blissful rock-infused-pop chorus and swirling in a track that is a true musician’s delight. The structure of the verse is jagged and sharp, and truthfully is still going to be a little difficult for the average listener to get their mind around – but that’s a hook in a chorus that can safely grab ANYONE. Just an absolutely smokin’ tone on the guitars on this track and throughout the first tracks on the EP.

“I Wanna Be Afraid,” the second track on the EP is the unsung hero for sure. I know just by my own natural tendencies that this will end up being the track I love the most. There’s something about the approach to this track in the chorus…but that line in particular “I Wanna Be Afraid…” it’s almost like you can hear him searching his mind for the feeling each time he repeats the line. Vocally, this EP again shows just how much a band can grow in a short time. They are beyond spot on in all three tracks, beyond rock and into the beautiful. They pull you in; it’s that same somewhat…I dunno…it’s a different approach…like…if you like the singer from The Cold War Kids, you’ll know what I mean I suppose. They sound like there’s a struggle and a battle to be won each time the mic is switched on; full of raw emotion and a trembling hint that they could just as easily break as explode.

“Love Is Nothing Without Eternity…”

How on EARTH am I going to keep a review on a three song EP to a reasonable length if you people are going to put a track as amazing as THIS on your discs?

This third track is the most radical departure from the Sprightly Moans traditional sound as I’ve ever heard. With a sparse background of minimal effects and ukulele, this last track floats along like the dream you always wish you’ll have right before you fall asleep. As I mentioned earlier – literal chills. Reminds me of that wonderful atmosphere and feeling you can get from a lot of Beirut’s music.

Absolutely beautifully played, focused, lyrics match and the song is just under six and a half minutes long. To listen to an attempt this far outside of the standard Sprightly explosive-rock-box is an extreme treat, they have pulled off an incredibly emotional and powerful ballad; I could honestly listen to a track like this every night.

Wow Sprightly Moans, wow. I cannot express just how much of a difference I heard in these three songs and just how much you’ve won me over as a true fan of what you’re doing over there. Be extremely proud of yourselves – this is a huge achievement and a sign of amazing things to come.

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