The Unfortunates – “Caroline”

 The Unfortunates – “Caroline”

That’s a badass still-shot right there is what that is.  It’s a picture that really speaks volumes about the unity at the core of this band.  In this final dose of what we’ve got from The Unfortunates here for you today, we take you closer to the current with their video & single “Caroline” from back in 2018, just a year short of a full decade of the band’s existence at this point.  Looking spectacular in the live footage, giving you the ever-addictive guitars that The Unfortunates bring to the table every time, they use spacing & pace to their advantage throughout the vibrantly colorful harmonies and main melody flowing throughout “Caroline,” and fully confirm that long after this band started way-back-when, they’ve got scorching hot music & material that boldly stands out & proves they have slowed down their momentum one iota as time has marched on.  Armed with the huge vocal hooks of singer Tanner Gordon, The Unfortunates in the band’s lineup today alongside him are:  Leo Contessa (Lead Guitar), Nathan Stamhuis (Rhythm Guitar), Tim Plamondon (Bass), and Brendan McGonigle (Drums) – and make no mistake, every time these dudes release a song it’s a single-worthy cut and straight-up destined to be spun on repeat.  Make sure to like, follow, support, and show these dudes some love – they’ve been putting in the effort & creating killer cuts year after year, and they give you every reason to believe their best days are still ahead.

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