The Unfortunates – “Love Was Right”

 The Unfortunates – “Love Was Right”

As we had promised ya in checking out new tunes “Over” and “Safe” from Tanner Gordon earlier this week, we’re continuing to dive into the music & videos the man’s been making – so here we are to do make good on our word, and this time in the process, we’ll introduce ya to his Canadian-based band The Unfortunates, busting out of good ol’ Edmonton, Alberta.  Rocking with a savagely addictive sound & energy on “Love Was Right,” this cut from back in early 2019 was my first impression of what the whole band sounded like along with Tanner’s signature style of expressive, live-wire vocals – and MAN did this hit a huge home run!  Don’t go thinkin’ this is as simple as one Canadian showing love for the nation – The Unfortunates have earned my support…and they’ve done it by rounding out all the corners, putting in the attention to detail, writing with passion, and outperforming all expectations you’d have even based on all that awesomeness I just outlined for ya.  These hooks are HUGE, and I’m tellin’ ya one spin through “Love Was Right” will confirm everything I’m sayin.’  The video is top notch as well – wonderfully well shot, eye-catching effects & editing, it even features sign-language, making sure that everyone out there in the world more or less gets to experience this single in some way, shape, or form – you gotta love that all-inclusive attitude eh folks?  We’ll be celebratin’ the music of The Unfortunates on our pages today with a blizzard of postings on what we find to make sure you all know about these radass fellow Canadians – for now, start where we started & experience what an excellent first impression truly sounds like – check out the vibrant energy and wildly catchy melody combo they’re rockin’ with on “Love Was Right” below!

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