Tanner Gordon – “Over”

 Tanner Gordon – “Over”

Highly impressed with Tanner Gordon & the music this dude is makin’ solo, and in his band The Unfortunates…you might have clued into that with the earlier posting of his lyric video for “Safe” and the fact that he’s appearing on our pages twice today.  As good as any one tune may be, what can be better than a double-shot right?  Tanner’s making great moves with his music this year and putting performances through the microphone he should be seriously proud of – he sounded excellent on “Safe,” and I’d likely argue he’s got an even more powerful experience in-store for ya with this other single “Over” and the rad lyric-video he’s got supporting it.  While he reminded me somewhat of a Canadian-style version of Jimmy Eat World on “Safe,” “Over” has Tanner diving deep into the atmospheric & emotional terrain often explored by Raine Maida & Our Lady Peace…tying in those Canadian roots even more into the sound & style Tanner’s been rockin’ with from the heart of Alberta.  No matter how you slice it, Tanner’s vocals have all the character & genuine charisma your ears are seeking out, displaying the passion & sincerity of an artist that really locks himself right into the moment in an effort to get the maximum out of songwriting that deserves it.  We’ll be checking out his tunes even further this week as we dig into what he’s been rockin’ with The Unfortunates – but for now, get a gander at the stunning lyric-video for “Over” and have a listen for yourself – Tanner Gordon’s got great tunes lined up for his upcoming 2021 record called Start Again and every reason to believe he’s on the right path towards success with the strength of the music he’s bringin’ to your speakers this year.

Listen to Tanner Gordon at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/400YhGxdBC9xTuv4LMO9eZ

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