Big Bus Dream – “American”

 Big Bus Dream – “American”

Big Bus Dream – “American” – Music Video Post

I know what you’re thinking…this is a strange post for our Canadian-based pages, right?

Y’ain’t wrong about that.

After saying “Hello” to us earlier this year, Big Bus Dream officially returns once again this June 6th with the brand-new single “American,” but the savviest amongst us have probably noticed that it’s already been circulating around the internet online if you know where to look.  Narrowing down your search time (you’re welcome!), we’re posting up the video for “American” here for you to check out this latest observational offering from Mike Shannon’s dream-fueled music project.

As with all things related to Big Bus Dream, you’ll find Mike is unafraid to share his perspective on the world & what’s happening around him, as he sees it.  Whereas many out there are perhaps too cautious about what they will or won’t say these days, Shannon has effectively used Big Bus Dream as the vehicle to express his thoughts and views on the state of things through a neo-poetic lens.  Like a great many folks out there today, you’ll find him longing for a less complex time that seems way behind us now as we move into the future, munching on a steady diet of discontent & confusion in the disinformation age.

Designed to be thought-provoking, you’ll find clever imagery in the video that will have you wondering about whether or not we’re focused on the right priorities.  From the calm serenity of a night sky lit up by fireworks, to a dance group doin’ their thing in front of the flag symbolizing the TikTok nation we’ve become, to more distinct symbols of the America we know through the Statue of Liberty and a healthy dose of guns, guns, guns – Big Bus Dream asks “what are you left with?” in an insightful moment that is engineered to inspire some inward reflection as we look around at what we consider to be important.

“American” goes on to remind us how at one point we were categorized simply by monetary means, and explains how that “box” we tend to be categorized and placed within has expanded to include so much more than it used to, while also implying that system serves to isolate & divide us more than we’ve ever experienced before.  “American” is poignant, and almost horrifically aware of the situation we find the USA in now, which serves as an even more glaring reminder about how this country has typically set the moral standards for the rest of the world to adhere to, and how precarious their position has become.

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