Heavy AmericA – “Call You Tomorrow”

Heavy AmericA – “Call You Tomorrow” – Singles Review “No it’s not okay when everyday feels like shit.”  #Preach!  #Heard I love the detail in this tune.  You listen to this new cut “Call You Tomorrow” and then try to convince me that they haven’t done all the right things in the production to make […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Tails”

Heavy AmericA – “Tails” – Single Review Stellar morning through these speakers so far today – and we’re gonna keep that hot-streak blazin’ with the music of Heavy AmericA and their latest scorching single “Tails.”  Man…like…talk about a killer cut – this three-piece has found a way to get verifiable hooks laced into every aspect […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Generation Lame”

Heavy AmericA – “Generation Lame” – Single Review The wheels keep turnin’ and the Rock keeps rollin’ does it not?  Been over FIVE years at this point since we were first introduced to Heavy AmericA back in the day, about mid-December in 2016 with a review on their single “Pray For Me.”  Nearly two years […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Motor Honey (Peace)”

Heavy AmericA – “Motor Honey (Peace)” – Single Review Savage riff! What a rad beginning to the brand-new single “Motor Honey (Peace)” – you’ll get another dose of this awesomeness on the guitars later on in the solo of the song around the 2:15 mark.  Don’t get me wrong, the rest is pretty damn good […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Easy Killer”

Heavy AmericA – “Easy Killer” – Single Review Been nearly two years to the day since we last had Boston-based Rock-band Heavy AmericA on our pages, back when we reviewed their single “Pray For Me” in 2016.  Who knows what the boys have been up to since then…they’re back with a strange one here with […]Read More

Heavy AmericA – “Pray For Me”

Heavy AmericA – “Pray For Me” – Single Review If you’re a fan of hard-rock done right, I feel like you’re on solid ground in selecting this new track from Heavy AmericA called “Pray For Me” – this should be something you dig.  I am…hmm…I suppose these days less and less of a fan of […]Read More