Patrick Noel Russ

Official Biography Patrick Noel Russ Singer/songwriter Patrick Noel Russ has proudly crafted a lifelong career bringing pure audio joy to the masses through the lighthearted vibes of his music.  From his earliest days spent refining his talents in bands like Pladdohg and Plastic Paddy, to currently thriving alongside the local legends of the Livermore, California, […]Read More

Juliana Hale

Official Biography The sensational sound, empowered vibes, and positive mindset driving the incredible music of solo artist Juliana Hale can all be traced directly to a lifetime spent immersed in the craft, and her true dedication to the art of making music.  By the time she was only eight years old, Juliana had already established […]Read More

Cassy Jade

Cassy Jade Singer/songwriter Cassy Jade has always been fascinated with multiple forms of artistic expression – it was only ever a matter of time before she’d find a home in the spotlight & thriving in the music-scene. From her earliest days in the south side of Chicago growing up connected to art through her painting […]Read More

Eyes Afire

Eyes Afire From the moment Tassilo Böck began to form the rock-solid foundation of his new band Eyes Afire in January of 2020, it was radiantly apparent that he was onto something powerful and undeniably unique.  Piece by piece he assembled an explosive combination of hybrid sound that would fast become a true sonic force […]Read More

Wade Elliott

Wade Elliott With over a decade of experience performing & entertaining the people live from the stage in projects like Southern Maryland’s legendary cover-band Spoiler Alert – Wade Elliott refined his style & sound playing shows night after night as he established himself firmly within the local scene.  Knowing there was still so much more […]Read More

Believe Over Hope

Believe Over Hope Devoutly spreading the joy of His word through the proud proclamation of their faith through the beauty of music – the contemporary worship band Believe Over Hope is a strong call to all those that embrace Jesus as their true Lord & Savior.  Through their dedicated efforts in all areas of Christianity, […]Read More

Luna 13

Luna 13 is an LA band with a difference and a mission. In the midst of screaming guitars and doomy bass riffs, they are creating a new, equally brutal sound, and all without a stringed instrument to their name. But how can an enigmatic frontwoman and her mysterious musical partner produce one of the heaviest […]Read More