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Believe Over Hope

Devoutly spreading the joy of His word through the proud proclamation of their faith through the beauty of music – the contemporary worship band Believe Over Hope is a strong call to all those that embrace Jesus as their true Lord & Savior.  Through their dedicated efforts in all areas of Christianity, Believe Over Hope utilizes music, education, and Godly worship to bring His message right to the people.

Based out of Ghana, the band is led by worship leader/director Dr. Sheena Lovia Boateng.  Composing original songs for their own live performances and to bring the word of God to all through their own powerful & unique approach to music, Believe Over Hope creates their stunning & unified sound through a sincere blend of Gospel, Rock, Jazz, Electro, & Pop influences.  Never wavering from the most essential part of their mission – to spread the love of Christ to as many as possible – Believe Over Hope proves that faith & music go hand-in-hand and that the combination of the two can lead many to God.

Creating a musical experience that blissfully explores uplifting, empowering, and inspiring atmospheres that welcome you in warmly through inviting melodies & sincere lyricism – Believe Over Hope confidently writes moving material that truly resonates inside of all our hearts & souls.  Focusing intently on the messages contained within James 5:20, Believe Over Hope opens a clear path to God for the people through the example they set in giving their lives to Jesus Christ our Lord & serving Him faithfully.  Exploring important themes like the grace of salvation, the benefits of selfless service, the teachings of the Bible, and taking the time to recognize & celebrate His restoration – Believe Over Hope wrote, played, & recorded a vast selection of diverse songs that humbly reflected the passion of their faith.

In a true expression of their appreciation and gratefulness to God in all His Glory, Believe Over Hope began to release music online officially in 2017 with the lead-single “Where Is He?” released at the end of the year.  Inspired by the genuine love & support for their music, the collective quickly went on to record several new amazing songs and released their debut album James 5:20 at the beginning of 2018.  Discovering a whole host of incredible new fans and like-minded individuals who’ve all been waiting for faith-based music that they could truly connect with, Believe Over Hope was humbled by the fantastic reception to James 5:20 and it reinforced their determination to spread His word as far as it could go.

Following up their debut record with a new EP called Letter From Heaven, Believe Over Hope continued to boldly put their faith on full display for all to hear in 2018.  A powerful call to witnesses across the earth, the band is united in their vision to be a light in this world and a beacon of hope that points all towards Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit to restore them to the Almighty Father.  With exceptionally talented vocalists, all-star guests, and outstanding musicianship, Believe Over Hope puts their hearts into every moment, ensuring that they communicate the word of the Lord in a sincere way that will truly reach the people out there listening and inspire them to embrace the love of God in their own lives.

Their latest offering is the brand-new single/remix “Letter From Heaven,” released officially in the summer of 2018.  Believe Over Hope has already enjoyed a wonderful year of inspiring others through their music and are unbelievably excited about continuing on their path to deliver His word directly to the people through authentic songs that proclaim their faith & empower listeners to pursue their own.

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