Magazine Gap – “Superficial”

 Magazine Gap – “Superficial”

Magazine Gap – “Superficial” – Single Review

Big thumbs-up to Magazine Gap…it’s been more than apparent just how on the right track they’ve been with the moves they’ve been making recently.  You can see in the brand-new video for “Superficial” that the boys are lookin’ good, and you can certainly hear from the crisp hooks in the music & vocals that they’re sounding equally awesome…I’m gettin’ the impression things are real good in the MG camp these days.  They visually & audibly seem incredibly inspired right now – and of course, they should be.

Back to our pages for the second time this year already, after nearly two & a half years since we last heard them; there are some bands & artists out there that you never question in their absence.  As in – where was Magazine Gap during that time away?  Well, writing really damn good tunes and taking their time to chart their course, round the corners, and give their music the effort & attention to detail it deserves – they’re not just patient, they’re professional, you feel me?  I’ll put it to you this way – while I’m no different than any other human being on this planet in the sense that I have my favorite songs by any band or artist just like you do – what I can tell ya for a certain fact, is that Magazine Gap have never popped onto our pages with a weak tune since we started listening way back in good ol’ 2016.  Every time they bust out a new track it shows the progression in the band’s collective skillset, their songwriting, and the tightness over their overall sound.  Each time we hear from them, it’s simply more confirmation that this crew of three puts in the work required, has the talent to make killer music, and executes on a fully exceptional level.  Armed with a completely relevant sound for the right here & now – “Superficial” blends that Pop/Soul/Rock combination into an unapologetically flashy & catchy style that’s designed to be every bit as accessible as it truly is.  Like I’ve been tellin’ ya folks…this is Magazine Gap we’re talking about here…the moves they’re making as a band for their career are as precise as their timing is when they play; these guys know what they’re doing and have got this down to a science.

All I’m saying is, after this being the fifth time I’ve written about Magazine Gap’s music, and already knowing how strong they came back in 2020 with their single “For The Ride” – believe me when I say, it was no surprise to me to hear the band kickin’ out the jams in fine form once again with “Superficial.”

I’m sure I’ve commented on the balance of strengths in this band before, but that’s again what is leading them to victory on their new single.  New video too for that matter – I’m just as impressed with the look of “Superficial” and its use of black & white scenes of the band contrasting boldly with the colorful shots of the storyline that runs in between.  Incredibly well-shot, just looking at “Superficial” would likely secure a thumbs-up from most, and deservedly so; you factor in the high-caliber hooks and jazzy vibes they create in the song itself, and I mean c’mon…this is made to enjoy.  The inviting style & sound of Magazine Gap is relentless…time & time again, they produce songs that are enticing & accessible – there are hooks broadcast from every instrument in addition to the continuous stream of’em that flow from the microphone.  It’d be tough music to resist…and I can’t imagine a valid reason of why you’d try to.

They’re sounding cool & confident, the main hooks of the chorus on “Superficial” are super-strong – but you’ll likely notice that the verses are equally catchy too…then you’ll notice that what grabs your attention isn’t just the spectacular vocals, but also the depth of the music made by a three-piece that puts their heart & soul into every note they play.  When you think of how many places the music of Magazine Gap could go…how much space there is for these guys right now in the scene…I’m tellin’ ya, they’ve got a very bright future still ahead of them and every reason to continue on full steam ahead.  “Superficial” is proof that if you put in the work, you get the results – as a fan, it’s giving me more of what I love from Magazine Gap at their very best, and exciting me about what more is to come in 2020.

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