Magazine Gap – What’s That About?

Magazine Gap – What’s That About? – Album Review Joyner Lucas actually said it best this year.  “I lay a brick at a time for somethin’ I know I can build.” And to be fair, he’s actually referencing an inspirational quote from Will Smith…the point is that it’s accurate, and it inadvertently describes the journey […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “Superficial”

Magazine Gap – “Superficial” – Single Review Big thumbs-up to Magazine Gap…it’s been more than apparent just how on the right track they’ve been with the moves they’ve been making recently.  You can see in the brand-new video for “Superficial” that the boys are lookin’ good, and you can certainly hear from the crisp hooks […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “For The Ride”

Magazine Gap – “For The Ride” – Single Review You know…having reviewed well-over 2000 records, singles, and EPs & all-that at this point, I can safely say for a certain fact that some names always put a smile on my face whenever I see them pop back into my inbox and onto my playlists – […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “Ran For Cover”

Magazine Gap – “Ran For Cover” – Single Review When we first reviewed Magazine Gap and their Calling Card EP at the end of last year, we heard things we liked…and we heard the promise of something even more.  In early January of this year, the London-based Pop/Soul trio returned to our pages with a […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “In Two Minds”

Magazine Gap – “In Two Minds” – Single Review One of the best assets that London-based band Magazine Gap has working for them is their pure & organic sound…there’s a uniqueness in this band that’s both calming & comforting to listen to.  We last checked into the three-piece’s combined creativity on their Calling Card EP […]Read More

Magazine Gap – Calling Card

Magazine Gap – Calling Card – EP Review Highly-skilled players and in-depth songwriting/musicianship are certainly prevalent here.  London’s three-piece Rock/Soul band Magazine Gap clearly have a vision for their sound and found a way to execute that ambition into a brilliantly entertaining set of four songs to create their Calling Card EP.  “Snakes & Ladders” […]Read More