Link&Chain – “Let Your Light Shine”

 Link&Chain – “Let Your Light Shine”

Link&Chain – “Let Your Light Shine” – Single Review

I’d definitely be taking a long look at this single if I was Link&Chain – there’s a whole bunch going right with “Let Your Light Shine” that I’d highly recommend they examine as the blueprint for their pathway forward from here.  Talk about going out on a highlight at the end of the year – I’m of the mind that this has gotta be the best single I’ve heard from Link&Chain to-date, and that’s really saying something considering I’ve heard quite a few!  This is undeniably smooth though y’all…they’ve saved one of their finest cuts for ya at the end of 2022, and it’s a great indication they’ll be thriving in the next year ahead.

I know for myself personally, I’ve never made any bones over the fact that Reggae is usually one of the tougher genres I end up critiquing as it’s further outside of the realm of my normal musical taste and what would usually be on my playlists.  Not because there isn’t talent in that style of music – there’s genuine talent in all styles of music; but admittedly, a lot of Reggae has always contained a real similar vibe & sound to my ears, and I’m always looking for a bit more variety than the genre has had to offer.  But this right here…”Let Your Light Shine” is a wonderful example of how to spin things in a different direction that’ll make an impact.  It’s still a single that retains the essence of their Reggae roots without question, but it’s so much more diverse than anything I usually hear in this category of music – and you betcha, my ears always appreciate that.  To be completely honest with ya, I feel like Link&Chain have exceeded every expectation and hope I could have had for their music and have really discovered what works for them here on “Let Your Light Shine” – this sounds like a perfectly natural fit for this group.

And you know what that’s like to experience.  Sometimes you put on a song, and everything you wanna hear seems to be right where you wanna find it – that’s what it’s like to listen to “Let Your Light Shine.”  What I’ve always admired about Link&Chain without question is their positive spirit and the unity that they share between them – that’s been constant and consistent in this crew for as long as I’ve been listening.  In a way, I feel like I’ve somewhat been waiting for their sound to catch up to all that – make any sense?  Here on “Let Your Light Shine,” I feel like we’ve reached that point where I was convinced that Link&Chain would get to one day…where things are so harmonious within their group, that the sound of their music naturally goes with it.  Because as far as I’m concerned, this single is pretty much as perfect as perfect can be, and a fantastic representation of how diverse the Reggae genre can really be.

Essentially, they’re using crossover technique to their advantage here.  Yes, “Let Your Light Shine” still qualifies as a Reggae song…we’d be foolish to think that wouldn’t be the case.  That being said, this particular single also leans on melodies & harmonies you’d find at the roots of 50s/60s Pop/Soul/R&B too – and that perhaps, is where the real magic and extra enchanting sparkle in the sound we hear on “Let Your Light Shine” is truly coming from at the heart of it all.  I absolutely love the way the backing vocals on this song work out and what they contribute to this tune overall – they’re 100% fantastic.

Like I said from the start though, I think everything works out in their favor on “Let Your Light Shine” though…I’d be seriously hard-pressed to find any kind of fault in a song as well-executed and as well thought-out as this one is.  The bass-lines for instance, are as fluid, smooth, and smart as they get, truly supplying the steady backbone of the groove that rolls through “Let Your Light Shine” so brilliantly.  You can also point directly to the uplifting energy you find as this single kicks into gear within its first few seconds and the spectacular way the lead vocals start this song up too – it’s undeniably enticing to listen to, right from its very first moments.  Or what about the content of the lyricism as well?  The positively-based words are another highlight example of things going right for Link&Chain here on this tune – from what I gather, it’s about overcoming any/all obstacles that are holding you back…battling both self-doubt and the doubt of other people surrounding you.  It’s about revealing the essence of who we are, what makes us special, and being unafraid to show the world all that greatness within us…and in the event that we haven’t reached a point where we feel like we can do that yet, “Let Your Light Shine” is also about embracing the spirit of learning and self-improvement until you feel like you’ve proved your worth.  We all have value – that’s really what a song like “Let Your Light Shine” is all about and what the song’s most ultimate message at the core of it all is – it’s about contributing to the world in whatever way that we can, because at the end of the day, we can ALL contribute something to this place we live.

As this song also details insightfully well, a lot of us are underestimated too – “they see you and don’t know you” as Link&Chain will sing on “Let Your Let Shine.”  This song is the genuinely warm & inviting encouragement to one & all to let them know you instead…to show them what you’re worth and what your value is.  There’s truly beautiful sentiment at the core of this song that is certainly to be admired, and I think you’re really gonna love it just as much as I do.  I’m absolutely impressed by everything I hear from the beat to the trumpets, music to the microphone…this is that moment I’ve been waiting for Link&Chain to have, given that I know for a fact they’ve been working harder than most out there in this scene we share.  They’ve improved themselves, and in the process, they’ve proved themselves here – “Let Your Light Shine” is a real statement song in their catalog that reveals what they’re truly capable of.

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