Link&Chain – “Ready”

 Link&Chain – “Ready”

Link&Chain – “Ready” – Single Review

We’ve got so much fun planned out here with the music of Link&Chain that it’s probably best I lay it out there for ya a piece at a time…and I promise ya by the end, you’ll have the full picture of the fantastic spirit & attitude of this four-piece band of musical-brothers, all originally from the heartland of Jamaica.  From an upcoming feature on the SBS Podcast, to the posting of their official press release for their new single “Ready” up here on our pages soon this week, and this review right here, right now – we’re diggin’ deep into the vibes of Link&Chain with absolute enthusiasm and a full spread across our sites & pages.

So ready, are you ready, are you ready?

I know I am!  Let’s begin this adventure & “live it up” starting today, shall we?

I’ll start by saying I am 100% completely onboard here.  For those of you that are new to our pages, that’s no big deal I’m sure – but for those of you out there more familiar with my reviews, you know my complex history with the Reggae genre and how I’ve continually struggled to find that avenue in for me.  Well folks – I think I’ve found’em…finally…at long last – I love what I hear in the music of Link&Chain!

There is something about these four souls making music together that has an incredibly authentic & endearing quality to it – you can hear the passion & sincerity of Link&Chain all throughout “Ready” and it translates directly to us when we listen.  When we talk about refreshing vibes, it’s songs just like this that we should be referring to – this whole performance is remarkably lively, well-informed, and entirely single-worthy…the energy of Link&Chain and the beautiful aura of this band welcomes everyone & anyone in to listen.  You’ll love what you find when you do – Ta Seti, Congo Paul, Kasha, and IceCold have the kind of appealing sound that instantly brings a smile to your face – and drawing upon the values & virtues of real Reggae, they stay true to the roots of the genre through its socially aware core message and willingness to share it with all who might listen.  The authenticity to be found in this crew is truly beyond words…to me, Link&Chain are creating what Reggae sounds like at its absolute finest.

For real y’all…it’s almost impossible for me to imagine anyone not enjoying this song in some way, shape, or form…”Ready” is as entertaining as it is educational, and as uplifting as it is deep as well – talk about a noteworthy balance folks – that’s impressive.  Music-wise, production-wise, vocally – everything comes out shining & silky smooth…and that tiny little keyboard or electro melody in the background is SO COOL whenever it shows up.  The backing vocals are humble and perfect, the lead vocals are bold, confident, and inherently rhythmic & melodic…Link&Chain prove to be made of musical-steel when it comes to the core ingredients of their band & talents they possess.  They’ll put a smile on your face with their sensational sound & harmonious spirit – the real magic you’ll hear in “Ready” and WHY it works as well as it does, is purely because you can hear everyone involved WANTS to be a part of this moment & the music they’re making…it’s that genuine investment being made by all that pulls us right in to listen with our full attention, and makes us want to stand up and cheer Link&Chain for such impressive results.

From what I can tell, “Ready” is their first release since they last appeared back in early 2016 with their Fix The Roof EP – and from what I can hear in this single, it sure sounds like it’s great to be back in action this year for Link&Chain.  I’m absolutely stoked to share more of my thoughts about their music and play them on the upcoming episode of the SBS Podcast – make sure to stay tuned for that and keep your eyes & ears on our pages & sites so that you’ll be the first to know when that new episode pops online!

Until that magical time arrives later this week – make sure to have a listen for yourself, and find out everything you need to know about the music of Link&Chain through this multi-link to all-things-awesome right here:

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