Link&Chain – “Guide Me Jah”

 Link&Chain – “Guide Me Jah”

Link&Chain – “Guide Me Jah” – Single Review

Hey!  What did I tell ya last year back in April?  Everyone out there remember what I was saying about Link&Chain?  Alright, that’s fair – it’s probably been a while for at least a few of you since you read that past review on their single “Ready” from 2021 – but to sum it up, I was tellin’ ya about the fact these guys were back in action and here to stay again.  As it turns out, I was right about that – here they are!

It’s great for the whole community to have Link&Chain out there doing their thing I tell ya – not only do they have a relentlessly positive, unbreakable spirit shared between them, but they’ve done quite a bit throughout the course of their career to help push the Conscious Reggae genre forward even further.  As you’d likely expect if you’ve been a fan of Link&Chain for the past thirty-five years of their existence, they’ve come back this year once again with a message of hope, peace, and unity through their latest single “Guide Me Jah.”  There’s just always been something comforting about knowing these guys are out there, doing their thing & doing their level best to make this world we’re living in a better place for one & all – I know I appreciate these guys, and I’m sure the most dedicated fans of the genre do too.

While there’s no question about the fact that “Guide Me Jah” is a Reggae song in terms of style & sound, Link&Chain add a whole lot of Soul & Gospel into this single as well, giving it a more all-encompassing vibe overall, which should work well in their favor.  Sticking very close to the genre’s script otherwise – Link&Chain know what they’re here to provide and what their fans are really looking to hear this far into their career as the seasoned professionals they are, and that’s what they give ya on “Guide Me Jah” – more of what you love.  The brightness of the music, the depth of the lyricism, the faith-based themes, and tackling of important social issues…all the essential ingredients are right where you’d want to find them & Link&Chain sounds like they’re still all in their twenties with the vibrant way they sing together.

Ultimately, “Guide Me Jah” is very much about what its title implies – a genuine plea of sorts, to the heavens above, to keep us all on the straight & narrow path as we’re living here on earth.  With their naturally humble persona, warm harmonies, and thought-provoking lyricism, “Guide Me Jah” becomes highly relatable in that regard – tons of people out there can certainly connect with a song that’s about wanting to stay in touch with the earnest values that Link&Chain are singing about, and keeping sight of what’s truly important.  They’ve got memorable hooks in the chorus and tons of personality on the mic between them all, the music is lively, enticing, and inviting – and what you’ll find surrounding the verses & choruses in the instrumentation and vocals might be even more of a hook than anything else you’ll find!  There’s just something so beautifully natural & easygoing about the way that Link&Chain perform together, that when they’re simply singing their harmonies, or letting the music have its moment in the spotlight, their collective personality & the strength of the unity between them seems to come out even more.  I’m not hearing anything about “Guide Me Jah” that I’d think to change…I’m not hearing anything I feel like they could have done better – and I think when you combine that with the authentic way that Link&Chain create their music, always fueled by a higher sense of purpose and connection to their faith, they’ve really got no obstacles in between them and their audience awaiting.  Their longtime fans will love “Guide Me Jah” – fans of the Reggae/Conscious Reggae genre at-large will love this new single too – and hey…if they can somehow reach a guy like myself on the fringes of the genre at all times, I’d say they’re in pretty great shape over there in Link&Chain.  Strong, confident, and empowered lead-vocals in this single, proudly beaming out soulfully sincere sound…fantastically welcoming vibes in the harmonies alongside’em…and music that seeks to directly brighten your day with warm & inviting vibes that surround & envelop you like a hug for the soul – Link&Chain do what they do extremely well – it’s great to have them back in action again this year.

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