Jack Of None – “Dios Por Santo”

 Jack Of None – “Dios Por Santo”

Jack Of None – “Dios Por Santo” – Music Video Post

Somewhere back in 2016, I ended up putting a strange new band called Jack Of None into our top ten list of our annual quest for our best sound of the year for their work on their debut record called Who’s Listening To Van Gogh’s Ear? – a decision I’ve always stood proudly behind.  The uniqueness in this family-based art/music project has always been undeniably apparent from day one, and there’s perhaps no better example of any band or artist out there today that I could point to that wields their creative ambitions & talent like Jack Of None has gone on to reveal throughout the years on the singles, videos, and albums that followed.  I suppose what I’m saying is that they continually blow my mind, every time they put out something new, for one reason or another & usually both at once…and while you might THINK that I’d expect that at this point, six years after my initial experience with’em…it’s still genuinely shocking how they’re able to continue to innovate the sound of Jack Of None & evolve this incredible band even more.

I am no stranger when it comes to the artwork of Jack Of None’s vocalist Maxine Syjuco – as I’ve mentioned here in the past I’m sure, I’ve got an original print of her art that proudly hangs on the studio walls at sleepingbagstudios – I literally see it EVERY day and I’m no less impressed now than I was when I first got it.  She’s an exceptional talent – this whole FAMILY is FILLED with artistic genius, straight up – and it runs through the family line without question, which is an element I talked about in a review of guitarist A.G. Syjuco’s side-project called Black Leather Birds at the end of last year.  They make music that is full of deviant sounds & devilish delights that dwell in the dark shadows of the scene surrounding us…a great many wouldn’t be able to handle Jack Of None without all the lights on in their house as they listen.  I’m not immune to their haunting vibes either y’all…just because I freakin’ LOVE what they create doesn’t mean they don’t cause my hairs to stand straight up on end every time I check out Jack Of None.

And if you’ve ever seen a picture of me, you get it – I look ridiculous.  I have so many hairs to begin with, that when I’m listening to this band & they cause that reaction, I puff right out into a human porcupine.

THIS!  This is outright outstanding, by every conceivable measure & definition, full-stop.  Thematically, I love it – sound-wise, double-check, I love that too…but this VIDEO…THIS is something to truly behold y’all.  From what I understand, this is the result of a whole ton of effort, using over 300+ original stills of Maxine’s incredibly killer artwork to create the visuals you see.  To say that Jack Of None has outdone themselves with “Dios Por Santo” this time around would put me in the running for understatement of the YEAR…and I ain’t gonna be the one to take that prize home.  This is a tripped-out visual TRIUMPH, and so absolutely wicked to watch, that I can’t help but come to the conclusion that this is by far the strongest combination of music/video that I’ve seen from our beloved heroes of the dark musical arts to-date.  You’ll see it for yourself and know every word I’m tellin’ ya is the truth – no one out there does it like Jack Of None does it…and “Dios Por Santo” is complete confirmation that they’re far from done leaving a permanent scar on your psyche as they continue to dominate the artistic side of sound around the globe.  This is EXCITING dear readers, dear friends…dear listeners & viewers…you do NOT wanna miss out on creativity like this, even IF you do need to keep all the lights on in your house just to check it out.  I promise ya…you’re not likely to forget what you see or what you hear any time soon – and in the end, that’s absolutely priceless…Jack Of None has identity like no other in the scene today, a vicious sound & style of their own you couldn’t possibly mistake for anyone else, and an integration of visual art that accompanies their music that is 100% second to no one.  I love every solitary ticking second of this mischievous new masterpiece – “Dios Por Santo” is a massive win for Jack Of None from sight to sound.

Find out more about Jack Of None from their official sites below: 

Official Website:  http://www.jackofnone.net

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jackofnoneband

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jackofnoneband

Bandcamp:  https://jackofnone.bandcamp.com

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6W6YYeIdYWDzAkHwjaEOOP

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