Roman Kharkovsky / Blackmyth – Singles

Roman Kharkovsky / Blackmyth – Singles Review Split review between the two sides of one artist’s personality & music – sign me up, that’s like 2 for 1! As many of you have been reading here at the pages lately, we’ve been getting right into the atmospherically inclined soundscapes of Roman Kharkovsky through the music […]Read More

SBS Podcast 049

What an entire variety of all-out awesomeness on today’s show! We get right into details on what’s happening with the Atratune project – AND what’s goin’ on in the debut of Hip-Hop artist SUMiT – AND an interview with Roman Kharkovsky – AND tunes from each and every one of them plus MORE? All in […]Read More

Blackmyth – Remixes By Blackmyth

Blackmyth – Remixes By Blackmyth – Album Review Here we go!  I can get behind electro when it’s like this for surely. Somewhere in the middle of EDM and IDM, Blackmyth exists happily, creating glitch-filled edits and wickedly-imaginative remixes that rework the originals into an all-new experience.  This new record, Remixes By Blackmyth, is a […]Read More