Damien Q – “Human To Human (Stuart Epps Remix)”

I can only imagine when artist Damien Q got word that legendary producer Stuart Epps was interested in lending a hand on a remix of his single “Human To Human” that he must have been absolutely ecstatic.  For real…think about it…it’s one thing to be able to collaborate with such incredible talent in the modern […]Read More

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman – Single Review Ahhh, there you go…apparently this just needed a pinch of salt is all. You’ve been there.  You’ve cooked up your dinner, you take that first bite…and something’s missing.  And whatever that something may be, it was the one thing that was gonna tie it […]Read More

Believe Over Hope – “Letter From Heaven (Remix)”

Official Press Release Believe Over Hope – New Single “Letter From Heaven” Featuring Sheena Lovia Available Now! The energetic burst of sincerity & faith in Believe Over Hope’s brand-new EDM remix of their single “Letter From Heaven” featuring the talented Sheena Lovia is guaranteed to warm your hearts & bring the heat to your speakers […]Read More

Odesza – “White Lies (DeModa Remix)”

Odesza – “White Lies (DeModa Remix)” – Single Review Great progression through the stereo speakers today. After checking out the latest single laced with an electro-pulse from Airy Jeanine, heading into this latest remix of Odesza by mixologist DeModa is almost a completely logical next step for my eardrums and attention. So right now…as “White […]Read More

1016 West Franklin – “Crazy (Remix By P.I.O.X.)”

1016 West Franklin – “Crazy (Remix By P.I.O.X.)” – Single Review This was an interesting experiment & creation. Through a massive juxtaposition in sound versus vocals, 1016 West Franklin have put together a hot new single for the club-crowd to enjoy with their new P.I.O.X. remix of “Crazy.” Self-described as ‘bluestep’ music (Is that even […]Read More

ZeroSound – “The Night Out (Remix)”

ZeroSound – “The Night Out (Remix)” – Single Review Hmm…hey wait a second…am I reviewing a remix OF a remix artist? I believe I am! Cool! ZeroSound has put forth a wicked set of ideas into Martin Solveig’s hit-single “The Night Out.” If you’ve lived longer than the past five Summers, then you’re already well-familiar […]Read More

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