Month: <span>September 2023</span>

SBS Live This Week 176

Ayyyyyy it’s that magical time of the week!  We’ve got the musical multi-talent & legend himself, none other than Pete Gustard on the show with us to take part in one of our video interviews!  Check out Part I of his time talking tunes with us on SBS Live This Week, and make sure to […]Read More


DEAD HENDRIX & Yungcudii – “MUSTANG” – Single Review “Ayyyy my bitch called…”  Ohhhh I see…it’s some of that progressive-type stuff… Alright…that’s probably a bit on the sarcastic side, but I’m confident that DEAD HENDRIX don’t give a fuck about a little attitude comin’ at him from a guy like me.  Besides, he’s rockin’ with […]Read More

JC++ – “Lights Lasers Cannons Fireworks Drones My Heartbeat” /

JC++ – “Lights Lasers Cannons Fireworks Drones My Heartbeat” / “Semantic Satiation” – Singles Review So…maybe titles aren’t everyone’s thing…as long as the music sounds good, you’ll probably get by. I kid, I kid…at least to a degree.  To be truthful, I doubt I could care less what anyone calls anything.  If the music works, […]Read More

Some Distant Memory – “Splash Around”

Some Distant Memory – “Splash Around” – Single Review Holy have we ever been jumping around on the timeline throughout these pages of ours lately!  We’re taking you back to 2017 with this one…remember how different the world was back then?  Seems like it was a whole lifetime ago at this point…or at the very […]Read More

SBS Podcast 154

Could it be?  We’re actually back in action?  After all this time? Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the volume get louder, as they say.  We’re pretty sure they say that.  They maybe might say that. In any event, we’ve got a new episode out at long last!  Enjoy music from Count The Thief, […]Read More

Stoker – Programmed To Exist

Stoker – Programmed To Exist – Album Review Man!  I freakin’ dig the confidence in Stoker’s vocals as this title-track started up the record…Joseph Belsher attacks the microphone with clear & bold tone, not holding anything back as he establishes a standard that he’ll go on to live up to throughout the course of this […]Read More

Ify Folorunsho – “Possible” / “Come”

Ify Folorunsho – “Possible” / “Come” – Singles Review When I clicked onto Ify’s single “Possible” for the first time, there was a whole bunch of qualities that instantly stood out for all the right reasons.  For example, the production in the music hits ya before the vocals even have a chance to, and you […]Read More

Nosebora – Sink Your Teeth In

Nosebora – Sink Your Teeth In – Album Review That is indeed, a strange name to have gone with!  Would have been tough to pin down what I thought Nosebora would have sounded like on sight alone…this time around, I was better off to just push play.  What’s in a name anyway, am I right?  […]Read More

SAVARRE – “Art Of The Bleed”

SAVARRE – “Art Of The Bleed” – Single Review Ayyy…what have I always told ya?  There’s never a bad time to promote your music, and unless you’re absolutely positive that everyone on the planet has heard it, then it’s gotta still be new to someone no matter how many years have gone by.  SAVARRE’s single […]Read More

Asher Laub, Ginny Luke, Johannes Gritschacher – “Misirlou”

Asher Laub, Ginny Luke, Johannes Gritschacher – “Misirlou” – Single Review Well there’s every reason to be stoked about this instrumental single right here! That being said, I practically needed a dictionary and a thesaurus to get through the press release that came along with “Misirlou” – and quite frankly, I’m not all that sure […]Read More