SAVARRE – “Art Of The Bleed”

 SAVARRE – “Art Of The Bleed”

SAVARRE – “Art Of The Bleed” – Single Review

Ayyy…what have I always told ya?  There’s never a bad time to promote your music, and unless you’re absolutely positive that everyone on the planet has heard it, then it’s gotta still be new to someone no matter how many years have gone by.  SAVARRE’s single “Art Of The Bleed” traces back to about three years ago, originally released in October 2020 – but I haven’t heard it, so you got it, it’s all new to me!

I’ll say this much to start…after having a listen to “Art Of The Bleed” it was no surprise to me to find that she’s continued to put out more music since then, including singles like “Blood Under The Bridge” in 2021 and her most successful song on Spotify to-date, “Scars.”  Some fun math for you:  SAVARRE has six songs released on Spotify so far that all come from her debut EP, two of them directly reference blood in some way in the title, which is 1/3 of her list so far, or 33%.  Neato!  Who doesn’t like a good ol’ track about our red essence, am I right?

Anyhow!  I really like what I hear in “Art Of The Bleed.”  After three years post-release, I doubt there’s all that much I could tell SAVARRE about this song that she wouldn’t have already been told by someone else out there.  Most notably, she’s a knockout singer with an outstanding voice.  Trust me – open your window right now and put your ear to the wind…you can probably hear me playing “Art Of The Bleed” from my house here in Canada – that’s how MASSIVE her voice is.  The most you’ll find me conceding to ya here in terms of any substantial criticism I guess, would be to say that SAVARRE’s vocals are way more gigantic than the song itself…it’s not really criticism so much as an obvious observation that any of us would conclude after listening.  Is the song memorable – or is it the performance?  That’s what I’m getting at.  Don’t get me wrong, “Art Of The Bleed” is a solid tune & it’s well-executed on a professional level too – but I’d be the first to tell ya I’ll probably remember the name SAVARRE even more than the song.  I like the combination of swagger and style she’s got going on in the sound of the music that’s surrounding her, but it’s a bit pale in comparison to how HUGE the notes she sings are.  You could TRY to bring her down a bit in the mix, which might make the music seem larger and less low-key as a result – like…you WANNA hear extraordinary things happening like the bass-lines that are kickin’ out the jams in a song like this…but honestly, I wish every producer, engineer, mixer and masterer the very best of luck in somehow shrinking SAVARRE’s vocals down.  I’d imagine that’s all-out impossible, and I mean that in the most complimentary way.  I’d be willing to bet it’s already a battle just to keep her under the red line on the studio boards…that’s the size and scope we’re talking about when it comes to the power of her voice.  She’s a remarkable talent, and whether she’s going for the biggest notes of the chorus, or keeping her energy more restrained to reveal the stylistic sound you hear in the way she sings the verses – clearly, SAVARRE knows how to get the best out of her voice and as a result, we can’t help but notice.  She’s got the kind of vocals that turns heads, you know what I mean?  If you heard this happening from the stage, or even the speakers of a coffee shop, you’d wanna know who was responsible for what you hear.  SAVARRE sounds like a born show-stopper…I’m endlessly impressed by how BIG her voice can be.

As far as I understand it, Shannon Denise Evans – aka SAVARRE – is a multi-talent that has many outlets for her creativity.  An artist in every sense of the word, she’s not only a singer/songwriter/composer – but she’s also a playwright and a novelist too according to her bio online…so I’m gonna let it slide that this is just the fourth of six songs in three years…she’s clearly a very busy lady.  That being said, if YOU had the voice she has, or if I did…believe me when I tell ya folks, the ONLY thing we’d be doing with it is using it every single moment we could, 24/7.  I don’t know how good her plays or her novels are, but I’d have to assume they’re absolutely AMAZING if they can take any time away from being a musical artist.

Lyrically, she’s working with sound material…which is a great way to use her other artistic talents and cross them with what she creates in the musical realm.  “Art Of The Bleed” has that undeniable passion of the pen infused with the intensity of her performance…you can “feel the fire run through your blood” as you listen, because SAVARRE’s got the kind of voice that’ll get you excited to listen to her every word.

“Art Of The Bleed” comes from her debut EP, unsurprisingly called Blood, which is out & available now – find it on sale & for streaming at her official website right here:

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