SBS Podcast 154

 SBS Podcast 154

Could it be?  We’re actually back in action?  After all this time?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the volume get louder, as they say.  We’re pretty sure they say that.  They maybe might say that.

In any event, we’ve got a new episode out at long last!  Enjoy music from Count The Thief, Nixie, Illusionaut, FZY, Zygon, LunariaN, Pete Gustard, Slow Coda, CLIFFDIVER, Carl Anderson, Creepy Monday, Hochen, Garage T. Rashington III, Flange Circus, Paragon Theorem, Acharya, THE GRIN LINES, skittish, and a double-shot from Stuart Pearson as we launch ourselves back into action with this special extended comeback episode!  Tune in & turn up!

Your official show lineup includes:

Carl Anderson – “The Badge 2”

Count The Thief – “Lights”

Creepy Monday – “Mr. Sun”

Nixie – “Citizen Warning”

Hochen – “Dead Friends”

Illusionaut – “Keep Running”

Garage T. Rashington III – “Pig Fat And Sugar”

FZY – “Flash Of Realization”

Flange Circus – “Diabolical Bird”

Zygon – “Transcend”

Stuart Pearson – “Are They Digging Your Grave (Or Are They Digging Mine)” / “Tomorrow’s Gonna Hunt You Down”

LunariaN – “Hunchback Patrol”

Paragon Theorem – “Butanna”

Pete Gustard – “My Quiet Hour”

Acharya – “Stand”

Slow Coda – “World Of Motion”


CLIFFDIVER – “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer”

skittish – “See You When I See You”

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