Ify Folorunsho – “Possible” / “Come”

 Ify Folorunsho – “Possible” / “Come”

Ify Folorunsho – “Possible” / “Come” – Singles Review

When I clicked onto Ify’s single “Possible” for the first time, there was a whole bunch of qualities that instantly stood out for all the right reasons.  For example, the production in the music hits ya before the vocals even have a chance to, and you can tell you’re in for a song that’s got radiant energy and a real sunshiny personality to it, which I can certainly confirm to be true after having a listen to the single myself.  You’ll also notice Ify’s own sensational personality and accent as “Possible” begins – she’s got a highly inviting way about her that has you wanting to listen within a couple words of a first impression.  It’s a great start for Folorunsho, and I like the infusion of island vibes, multiple languages, and a genuine cross-cultural sound – you really feel like you’re witnessing the passion of music on display in her music.

There’s not much that I’d change here, if anything at all.  There might be a few questionable notes here & there, but the vast majority of what you’ll hear from Ify is straight-up outstanding.  I think if anything, the slight issues or moments I thought could be a bit sharper all took place within the very first verse of “Possible” – and that’s something that can happen to the best artists and bands out there.  Those first steps outta the gate can be daunting and tough to lock in on the right energy, key, or tone you wanna sing with.  As the song carried on though, it was crystal clear that Ify just got stronger and stronger as she got more & more into it.  Whether it’s the inspiration of the spectacular musicianship that surrounds her, or the inspiration of her Lord & savior inside her faith-based single, she has you believing that anything is “Possible” with such an upbeat vibe at the core of this song.  Let’s also be fair too – “Possible” actually traces back nearly three years now – it’s one of Folorunsho’s first professional tracks released online, which makes it fairly natural that we’d hear at least a few points along the way where she’d continue to grow and refine her talents in the future ahead.  I’m always willing to overlook a note or two, especially at the outset of a career – and when you hear the kind of magnetic presence and personality that Ify brings to the microphone, it’s even easier.  She’s got you rooting for her success right away, and gets us all onboard with her positivity.  I think that’s what it really comes down to in my own humble opinion…whether or not you’re a true believer like Ify is, or well outside of the religious community like I am, we all respond to a positive attitude and can’t help but appreciate the impact that can make on our day.  Hearing the spirited sound of Ify singing should have you ecstatic and excited to go out there and conquer whatever obstacles might be ahead of you – she makes LIFE not only sound “Possible,” but something that you truly want to take part in.  Besides all that good stuff, the reality is, “Possible” is tremendous catchy too…it’s highly enticing to listen to, but it’s Ify’s positivity that’ll keep y’all coming back for another listen.  Who wouldn’t want some of this fine lady’s energy in their day?

So while “Possible” was her second single released online, coming after “Etutu” and before her “Worship Medley” – “Come” takes us forward a couple years from where she started in a song that was put out last year.  I like it well enough…but yeah…I’d be the first to tell you that it’s really hard to compete with the upbeat energy we experienced on “Possible” too.  “Come” takes Ify in a more musical-like direction, which is arguably a little more professional or true to what folks would expect inside the faith-based music they listen to.  And that’s probably why I’d advocate on behalf of “Possible” being the more universal and accessible of the two singles we’ve got here.  Don’t get me wrong, you listen to Ify’s voice and the combination of strength and commitment she brings to her performance and you have to acknowledge how well she’s done in singing “Come” – it’s just a lot more of an expected kind of song versus what we hear in “Possible” that was more unpredictable and quite a pleasant surprise as a result.

For those out there that enjoy their faith-based tunes and more traditional songs in that regard, I have no doubt that you’d probably feel the opposite way that I do – “Come” would be your favorite of the two because it’s written and performed in a much more comfortable zone.  I look at it this way – a track like “Possible” that’s so exuberant and almost over-the-top when it comes to revealing how much joy is on display, pretty much challenges a lot of people listening that are used to the more classic and/or ‘adult’ approach found in their religiously based music.  So Ify clearly balances the scales a bit by giving you a sample of both sides of the story in that respect.  If you’re looking for something a little more fresh, youthful, inspired, and joyous – “Possible” would be the track you’d wanna click on.  If you’re looking for something that’s more adult contemporary, straightforward and traditional, chances are that you’d enjoy “Come” a bit more.  Normally, I feel like I’d probably gravitate more towards “Come” myself – but Folorunsho was so spectacularly engaging in the way she sang “Possible” that I feel like she got me onboard through her undeniably potent positivity.  “Come” is the kind of track that you’d certainly marvel at for how complete it is and how professional it sounds…and that in itself has its own allure for many people out there listening too.  Kinda just depends on what mood you’re in really – these two singles are about as night & day different as two could ever be, with the exception of the subject matter of course.  There’s a very majestic feeling to “Come” and theatrical element to it, which will resonate with a lot of folks listening.  Ify sounds pretty much flawless in her performance on “Come” either, bringing a natural sweetness and star-quality to the way she sings it.  There’s no question about her talent, and the more a moment calls for or demands from her voice, the more she seems to rise confidently to the occasion and deliver her very best.  If you dig your faith-based tunes, I’m quite certain that you’ll completely enjoy the classic charm Ify brings to “Come,” or the sunny-side-up disposition that you’ll discover in “Possible” – either way you slice it, she’s got a lot skill, sweetness & soul to bring to the community, and is clearly capable of providing the sound comfort of religion through a variety of ways.

Find more music by Ify Folorunsho at her official page at Apple Music here:  https://music.apple.com/ug/artist/ify-folorunsho/1530782873

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