Month: <span>March 2022</span>

SBS Live This Week 163

Check out the latest set of live tunes released from our mighty vault of musical archives here at sleepingbagstudios & have a listen to the stunning voice & music of Canadian artist Hillary Dumoulin from her time at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa on her 2019 tour – and stick around for a snapshot of […]Read More

Jer @ SBS Presents 15/30 – 005: Cory

Jer @ SBS Presents 15-30 – 05 – Cory In most of, if not everything I’ve written in this series and will ever write within it, I have changed the names of those involved out of respect – but not Cory, nope.  This motherfucker can go by the name that he gave me – because […]Read More

Forest City & Friends – Sol

Forest City & Friends – Sol – EP Review Feels like it’s been forever since we last had Forest City & Friends on our pages, when in fact it was just a couple years back…they’re basically right on time with a new release, crankin’ out material at a steady rate that no one, including me, […]Read More

AREKAYIC – “ADHD” / “Still Remain Okay”

AREKAYIC – “ADHD” / “Still Remain Okay” – Singles Review Just the one dude eh?  Impressive! I’ve been checking out the music of AREKAYIC over the course of last weekend & this week we’re in now, and there’s a whole lot of really rad stuff happening in this solo project centered around the creative catharsis […]Read More

The Rhythm Bullies – Surfdom

The Rhythm Bullies – Surfdom – EP Review It’d just be downright strange to not hear at least a little twangin’ from the ol’ guitars if you’re gonna call your record Surfdom, right?  No worries on that – The Rhythm Bullies have got you covered right off the drop as their new EP begins with […]Read More

Da Bored Ape – “Blockchain” Feat. Apollo Son & Lil

Official Press Release Da Bored Ape Collaborates With Lil Brows & Apollo Son For Revolutionary New Single – “Blockchain.” Fully stoked to lead the way into a new digital revolution completely capable of benefitting every artist out there around the globe, Da Bored Ape teamed up with Lil Brows and Apollo Son to reveal how […]Read More

Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation

Underlined Passages – Neon Inoculation – Album Review Inoculation just has the one N up at the front eh?  Well…ya learn somethin’ new every day now don’t ya. Having loosely been a part of a two-piece band myself since back in the early 2000s, I’ve always felt a natural kinship with the music of Underlined […]Read More

The Samhain Hot – “Big Booty”

The Samhain Hot – “Big Booty” – Music Video Post It was sometime back around the end of September last year that we introduced a few of ya out there to the music of The Samhain Hot via the single/video “Dance By The Scarecrow” posted up on our pages here – dude was coming hot […]Read More

Philosofree & Optimysts – Philosofree

Philosofree & Optimysts – Philosofree – Album Review Well it’s certainly been more than a minute since we last heard from Philosofree & Optimysts – it was way back in 2016 that I was last checking out their music, and it seems they’ve been plenty busy since then!  All kinds of records & music put […]Read More

Jonny Waves – “Emotional”

Jonny Waves – “Emotional” – Music Video Post Heavy stuff.  Jonny’s clearly had a whole bunch of thoughts on his mind as he’s been makin’ his way up. “I remember times that I felt so alone.”  #Heard.  Life is the art of subtraction.  If you play your cards right, you get to add up a […]Read More