The Samhain Hot – “Big Booty”

 The Samhain Hot – “Big Booty”

The Samhain Hot – “Big Booty” – Music Video Post

It was sometime back around the end of September last year that we introduced a few of ya out there to the music of The Samhain Hot via the single/video “Dance By The Scarecrow” posted up on our pages here – dude was coming hot off the release of his album Wicked Summer, also released in 2021.  It’s pretty clear that The Samhain Hot doesn’t spend too much time sittin’ still y’all – and so here we are, early in 2022 & the man’s already back in action with a brand-new record, new single from it called “Big Booty” shakin’ around the online scene, and obviously a new single means it’s time for a new video too.

Is it strange?  Of course!  I mean…it IS The Samhain Hot…maybe one of these days the dude might end up choosing to handle things in a straightforward way, but honestly, I wouldn’t bet on it.  He’s makin’ a name for himself by doin’ thangs differently, and “Big Booty” from his latest album called Abandoned Amusement Park certainly speaks strongly on behalf of The Samhain Hot’s tendency to move to a different beat than the rest of the planet seems to be.  No breakin’ ground without blazin’ a trail of your own to get there first, right?  You’ll hear the slickness of the swagger & skill combined as The Samhain Hot strings together the syllables with serious speed throughout the verses of “Big Booty” & confidently struts through these heated bars detailin’ life between the sheets.  Right up to & includin’ a whole list of names that need to move their “Big Booty” over…I don’t know how squeezed The Samhain Hot really is for space, but there’s plenty beside me right here…if you’re movin’ your “Big Booty” over, I’ve got room!

Unique artists like The Samhain Hot are always going to get the people talkin’ out there – you add in the fact that this cut is basically a tributary track to that TUSH, and you can bank on there being an audience out there waiting for a bizarre dude like this to send something unpredictable and unexpected like this through their speakers.  “Big Booty” is weird & wild fun, and highlights the skills of The Samhain Hot just as much as goes all the way to prove he’s willing to do things entirely differently than the rest out there.

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